Attack of the Fanboy

Kevin Butler is Big Boss in Little Big Planet

by William Schwartz


The Little Big Planet community is still pumping out user created gold.  “Kevin Butler Ware” is a user designed board which gives a Wario Ware style experience  while getting a PlayStation style makeover.  Besides one of your tasks is to take down Kevin Butler, the man of many titles, and this time he’s the “Boss Stage”.  

In two parts this Boss Stage consists of Kevin Butler attacking Sackboy with a PlayStation Move and then resorting to a “handsfree” attack.  Great stuff Little Big Planet community.

Little Big Planet 2 is on the books as announced by Media Molecule recently, and E3 is likely to have more from the title. They should, Little Big Planet 2 is scheduled for release on November 23rd, 2010.

Kevin Butler in LBP

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