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Latest Bayonetta 2 Trailer From New Nintendo Direct Is Absolutely Explosive

by Dean James


Last night, Nintendo held their latest Nintendo Direct live stream, this time focused exclusively on the upcoming Bayonetta 2. The Direct showed off plenty of new footage, including reveals of a Star Fox costume and playable Rodin, as we told you about earlier. However, that is not all, as Nintendo and Platinum decided to finish off the Direct with the debut of a brand new trailer for the game, likely the final one that we will see prior to release next month.

When this sequel was first announced as a Wii U exclusive, the gaming community went crazy, but without Nintendo this game wouldn’t even exist right now. The game is certainly not a true system seller for everyone, but there is no doubt that plenty of people will finally give in and buy a Wii U for this title.

This new trailer certainly gives reason for why gamers should seriously consider doing this. The action looks even better than the original here and the game looks absolutely great. The story looks like it will be even more epic than the original, which is just icing on the cake to go alongside the gameplay, which looks like it will be fantastic as ever.

Bayonetta 2 – The Time Has Come Trailer

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