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Looking At Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Character Customization

by Damian Seeto


Some new video footage has surfaced online looking at the character customization in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Bandai Namco announced several weeks ago that you can create your own character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The video footage that has been released is short and brief mainly because it’s from the beta that will be happening later this week. Still, it’s good to see what the game will be offering.

In the beta for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you can only create one character and the races are limited. The beta only has a male Namekian as well as a male and female Saiyan warrior. The full game will have more races and you are free to create more than just one character.

There are three videos looking at the character customization in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. You are free to alter their hair, face and clothing. You can even choose change the eyes of the Namekian warrior which looks pretty cool. It’s likely there will be way more things you can customize when the full game is expected to come out sometime next year.

Your created character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse will play a huge part in the game’s story as you could alter history in the DBZ timeline and more.

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