Michael Cole Speaks On His Upcoming Role In WWE 2K16

by Damian Seeto


WWE commentator, Michael Cole, was recently speaking at the Performance Center where he talked about his role in WWE 2K15 and touched briefly on WWE 2K16 as well.

In terms of commentary, Michael Cole said it was one of the weakest links in the past games. He said he would just be emailed lines to read and record them in his own studio at home.

With WWE 2K15, things changed as both Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler would record their lines together in a studio inside the Performance Center. He said they were able to portray the same type of chemistry like they would in real-life.

He also said the lines of commentary they recorded for WWE 2K15 is expected to double in WWE 2K16. Not only are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler recording lines for the upcoming WWE 2K15 DLC, they started recording lines for WWE 2K16 already back in December.

He concluded his speech about video games by saying he and Jerry Lawler will continue recording new lines for WWE 2K16 every three to four weeks throughout 2015. They will be recording loads of new material for gamers to hear.

The development for WWE 2K16 might be in its early stages, but 2K Games and WWE are already hard at work on it.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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