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New Deadpool Movie Trailer 2 Available To Watch Now

by Damian Seeto


20th Century Fox has released an early Christmas present for Deadpool movie fans. They have released the second trailer for the film coming out in February.

The new Deadpool movie trailer is the Red Band version. It’s Rated R so you will see more violence and rude jokes. The movie itself is rated R so hardcore fans are happy that it hasn’t been toned down for a general audience.

The new trailer is over 3 minutes long and you see a ton of new footage that was not featured in the first trailer. One of the cool things about the character is that he never takes anything too seriously. Be prepared to laugh a lot of times.

Thankfully, the new trailer doesn’t appear to feature any major spoilers. This is a problem that other movies suffer as they show too much of the plot or a main villain. Terminator Genisys and Batman vs Superman spring to mind when it comes to spoilery trailers…

This movie redeems the character that was poorly featured in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Many Deadpool fans hated that version of the character. This solo movie does everything right so far.

Check out the new Deadpool movie trailer below:

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