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Bungie shows off new Destiny gameplay in Thank You to fans

| September 5, 2013

Convention season is coming to a close for Bungie and Destiny. The developer took the wraps off of their secretive title earlier this year at E3 in June, then again at Gamescom last month gave fans a showing of gameplay.

The game has been met with both criticism and praise, and Bungie’s thankful for the fans showing so much support of their new endeavor. The cooperative shooter saw a healthy chunk of gameplay revealed so far, but this latest video gives a glimpse at some of the new locales in the massive title.

You can check out the two minute video above for glimpses at what else is on the plate for Destiny next year.

Bungie shows off new Destiny gameplay in Thank You to fans Videos  Destiny

Confirmed so far for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4; Destiny is due to arrive at some point in 2014. Sony has wrapped up rights to some exclusive content for the shooter, the extent of which has not been revealed at this time.

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  • Facts First

    Sony probably got like one level or a gun skin or something. They never have any good exclusives content on playstation so I;m not worried too much about this game.

    What’s sad actually is that Bungie is so butthurted that 343 Industries made a better game than them so they went and just left making real shooters behind them and decided to make casual borderland game.

    • JP

      You mad bra

    • Alex Dahl

      sad little fanboy kid =D

    • Whitbizzle

      An article about an awesome upcoming game and the first you say is Sony. Also if you hate the look of the game, why even look at the article? It’s like me looking at an article about horses, which I have no interest in at all and then talk about how I hate them.

      • GK15

        why do you hate horses?

        • Whitbizzle

          Unpredictable beasts that could flip at any second and rip off your face to wear it as a mask to replicate a human and then repeat the process so their friends have human faces. Eventually the whole world will be run by horses wearing decayed human masks, sitting around piles of us in flames while they nay and do impressions of what use to be known as a human being.

          • GK15


            Never trust a horse! :)

          • Duke

            A kangaroo is similar, can rip your guts out if your not careful, either that or you give it boxing gloves and it’ll beat the shit out of you

  • Mattress

    This game looks awesome!

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    It’s easily one of my most anticipated games but (please don’t kill me for saying this) a lot of the graphics compared to the likes of the MGS phantom pain and deep down trailers don’t look next gen.

    I think a lot of games coming out cross gen will unfortunately suffer from being “dumbed down” a bit, Titan fall and CoD look very much last gen as well.

    • Toto

      Yes I agree. Most of these games were developed on last gen and are only ported onto next gen (with some small imrpovements)

    • jaskdavis

      It will be great! Hopefully. Yeah Titanfall runs on Source which is old as hell but it will run smoothly and Deep Down looks crazy, Almost can’t believe those are in game graphics O_o

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        have you seen the MGS phantom pain video? that is freaking insane!! Infamous second son is right up there graphically as well

    • CoolDude

      Yes I agree too. But hey they still look good enough for now. Just give it some time and they would all get better. Still early days and the future games will only keep getting better

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        They’ll get way better by the end of this gen but even now games that are being developed just for ps4 and x1 look totally amazing, like i say MGS, Infamous and Deep Down are particularly good. especially MGS

        • Whitbizzle

          Couldn’t agree more. Give it two years and I think that’s when we will start to see the majority of games blow our mind graphically. I am hoping Crytek are planning on doing a next gen Crysis because the graphics in that game would be insane. I’m not saying it’s all about graphics but I would like to see just how amazing games can look on next gen.

  • jaskdavis

    Looks Fun! Can’t wait

  • GK15

    Thank YOU Bungie.

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