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New Hitman 2015 Video Game Receives Gameplay Playthrough

by Damian Seeto


IO Interactive and Square Enix have uploaded a new gameplay video for the Hitman 2015. They take you through a mission called ‘Showstopper’.

The game’s community manager, Travis Barbour, takes you through the gameplay for the new Hitman game. It’s still Alpha Footage, but the game is looking great so far.

The gameplay video is set in Paris and Agent 47 has to take out a guy named Viktor Novikov. Stealth is still the key to success. You have a variety of ways on how to kill him.

Barbour notes that the levels in this game are the biggest in franchise history. They wanted to create locations that feel like they are part of the real world.

Looking at the gameplay, the levels do look pretty big and a lot more NPCs are featured than in previous games. Not to mention the graphics have been improved since we last saw Agent 47 in Absolution.

One of my favorite scenes from the gameplay video is that Agent 47 can look at a fashion show. Everything looks high class and fancy. The target is usually hanging backstage though, so you have to keep things quiet.

Much like in older Hitman games, Agent 47 can dress up and has a variety of different ways to kill his targets.

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