New Spider-Man Footage In Captain America: Civil War TV Spot

by Damian Seeto

Marvel and Disney have revealed a new TV spot for Captain America: Civil War that features more footage from the Tom Holland version of Spider-Man.

The 30 second TV spot mostly includes scenes we have seen from other trailers, but the addition of Spider-Man is the new footage. In this TV spot, we see Spider-Man confronting the Winter Soldier.

It appears the fight between the two occurs during the airport scene. Spider-Man is able to block a punch from the Winter Soldier and mentions how cool it is that he has a metal arm. Tom Holland portrays the character quite well as Spider-Man always likes to talk trash to his opponents when he’s fighting.

In case you are wondering, reviewers mentioned that Spider-Man actually has a decent role in Captain America: Civil War. There is said to be 10 minutes of footage showing Peter Parker and 20 minutes of Spider-Man himself. He’s in the film longer than just a cameo.

We will see more of the character next year with his own movie called Homecoming. Some other Marvel characters will be in the movie as well as several new faces.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018