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Saints Row IV – Element of Destruction DLC Trailer

by | @AttackFanboy | on November 27, 2013

Two new Saints Row IV DLC packs are hitting the internet, with a brand-spanking new trailer for one, which you can see above.

Element of Destruction Pack

This pack will cost you $2.99, and the official synopsis from the embedded YouTube video’s description can be found here;

“Boost your super-abilities with dynamite power! Explosive Chain Blast, Telekinetic Time Bomb, Explosive Buff, and the Airstrike Stomp add a whole new level of simulation-busting mayhem to Saints Row IV.”

Zinyak Attack Pack

This outfit pack will cost you $1.99. A brief description can be found below, while an image of the outfits can be found on Steam;

“Zinyak may not be the prettiest galactic overlord but he’s your galactic overlord. Honor the glory of Emperor Zinyak by donning one of three Zin outfits: the trooper, the Warden, or even the magnificent cranial ridge and flowing cape of Zinyak himself.”

Does this bother anyone though? With GTA V dominating PS3 and Xbox 360 user’s playtime and next-gen consoles hitting stores everywhere, is anyone still playing Saints Row IV? Comment underneath if you are, or plan on returning to SR4 for a bit of mindless destruction.

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