Shadow Realms Gamescom 2014 Trailer

by William Schwartz


‘You’ve been chosen’ – the words we received from the first of three auspicious Bioware emails not long ago. Then, following in a timely manner we were asked ‘Can you control your power?’ and in the final of three emails, Bioware continued to pique everyone’s interest with the simple question ‘Are you ready?’ 

All emails had details for their special fan event, running in Cologne, Germany on August 13th – or via Twitch if you could not make it to Cologne.

Last night at Gamescom 2014, we got a sneak peak of exactly where they were taking us with those tidbits, at the end of the Electronic Arts press conference. In the tradition of Pen & Paper RPGs, where a group of heroes played by friends team together to fight the hordes, tricks and traps of a Dungeon Master, the team at Bioware have lovingly crafted a 4 v 1 PC Exclusive Online Action RPG game set in an everyday world with heroes who look just like you and I, with story residing firmly as the cornerstone, as you would expect with Bioware and a tribute to the Pen & Paper RPGs of yore.

This mysterious new IP is called Shadow Realms, and here is the Trailer from Gamescom 2014.

Shadow Realms, developed by Bioware and to be published by Electronic Arts, is listed for release in 2015 for Windows PC. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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