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Shenmue III Video Revealed As Kickstarter Comes to a Close

by William Schwartz


Yu Suzuki and the team behind Shenmue III have revealed a new video for the game as its wildly successful Kickstarter heads towards its close.  Lake of the Lantern Bugs is the latest video, which shows off Ryo and Shenhua admiring the glowing insects.

Following a crowd-stunning reveal at E3 2015, Shenmue III is the game that many thought would never happen.  For the first time ever, Sony allowed someone to announce a kickstarter project on stage at their E3 press conference.  With all eyes watching, the Kickstarter site itself had a hard time to keeping up with the demand on their servers, but ultimately came back online to get the project off to a quick start.

The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter campaign has nearly reached $5 million at the time of this video’s release.

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