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Street Fighter 5 Introduces New Character Named Necalli

by Damian Seeto


Capcom announced a brand new character for Street Fighter 5 and his name is Necalli.

Necalli is new to the series as he has never appeared in any previous game in the franchise. This will mark the character’s video game debut.

Capcom announced yesterday that Street Fighter 5 will be launching with 16 characters. 12 of them will be familiar, while 4 of them are new. Necalli is part of the four new faces.

The character looks menacing in Street Fighter 5 and has long dreads. The thing that makes him unique is that he can go “Super Saiyan”. His hair turns red and he becomes more powerful and vicious.

The picture you see above is from this super form. The video that was shown gives us an idea that this form allows him to do more damage and devastating combos from the look of things.

Capcom showed a brief trailer and most of his attacks look melee based. It doesn’t look like he will use much projectiles, nor is he a charge-back character either.

Street Fighter 5 will be released from Spring 2016 for the PS4 and PC platforms. More characters will be announced in the coming months, with more to be named as DLC post launch.

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