Attack of the Fanboy

Studio Japan’s latest creation is Rain, coming to PS3 later this year

by William Schwartz

The creators of Tokyo Jungle has high hopes for Rain, an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation 3.  We’ve seen glimpses of Rain back at Gamescom, but a recently released gameplay trailer finally shows the game in action for a full six minutes of gameplay.

Rain is a story of boy chasing after an invisible girl who is being hunted by ghostly creatures.  Titled Rain, weather players a large part in this title.  The silhouette of the boy can only be seen when its raining, and players will use the ability to appear and reappear to navigate the environment and hide from enemies.

Sony has yet to put an official release date on Rain, and developer comments on the PlayStation Blog say that they are targeting a 2013 release window with “more information in the coming months.”

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