Attack of the Fanboy

This is Rainbow Six Siege

by William Schwartz


After a long hiatus, the Rainbow Six franchise finally returns this year to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.  William and Kyle from Attack of the Fanboy take a look at the Xbox One version of the game and give their impressions on Ubisoft’s latest entry into the series.

Rainbow Six Siege is a unique game to the multiplayer shooter genre.  It pits attacking and defending operators that each have unique abilities.  Before each match, players each select an operator that will help their team either attack of defend an objective.

Different than the traditional multiplayer that we’ve seen in recent years, Rainbow Six Siege requires extreme cooperation between players to win.  It features envrionmental destruction and a large number of weapons and gadgets for each of the game’s Operators.

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Rainbow Six Siege Let’s Play Attack of the Fanboy

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