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UK Gamers React Positively To Street Fighter 5

by Damian Seeto


Capcom has released a new video looking at the positive reaction Street Fighter 5 received from UK fans.

Capcom toured the UK to allow people in the country to play Street Fighter 5 for the very first time. The overall reception for the game has been positive.

Gamers feel that the game is faster and smoother than ever before. They also think the game feels great as each punch and kick creates a lot of impact.

Capcom also asked one fan which fighter he’d most likely want to see get included in the new game. He suggested Karin should be in it. Karin has been noted to be a “popular choice”.

Capcom went to the next city to see what they though of Street Fighter 5. Some of them were really impressed with M Bison’s move list. They also said the game feels different to Street Fighter 4.

It’s worth mentioning the footage from this video was filmed before Comic Con. The fans did not know at this stage that Ken will be in the game.

Street Fighter 5 was showcased to UK gamers on the PS4 version. They loved the visuals and all of them like the gameplay as well.

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