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Video Shows Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Full Character Roster And Costumes

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is now out in Japan, and a user has managed to unlock every character in the game.

YouTube user, SergioM3, has managed to obtain every character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, as well as all of the alternative costumes too.

In terms of characters that are not playable in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Towa, Mira and Demigra cannot be selected. This is slightly disappointing, but nothing that will anger many people.

As expected, there is a final roster count of 47 characters. There will be a few more Dragon Ball Xenoverse characters added as DLC down the line. The first DLC announced were for Dragon Ball GT characters like Pan and Trunks.

The only thing truly really missing from Dragon Ball Xenoverse are Dragon Ball characters. Dragon Ball has no presence in the game, as most of the content is focused on Dragon Ball Z.

There are also several different outfits that you can use in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Some changes are subtle such as Goku being shirtless, or having a halo over his head. Some other outfits are better such as different shirts or armor.

The video in question is over eight minutes long as SergioM3 goes through every character and their costumes.

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