Attack of the Fanboy

Watch Kids React To The Game Boy

by William Schwartz


No better way to make you feel old than to watch a bunch of kids react to the Game Boy, a handheld device that we once held dear to our childhood’s.

Youtube group TheFineBros who regularly ask for reactions of kids for various technology, videos and current events. This time they decided to kick it old-school and ask the kids to react to a Nintendo Game Boy. The results were scary and a little depressing making my twenty-five year old self feel like an ancient man from a long forgotten time.

Watching kids react to the Game Boy is pretty funny at the same time. The resounding fact is that technology has advanced so much since the release of the handheld device that really put Nintendo on the map as a dominant force in the handheld gaming market as it is now. In the video the kids relate it to an over sized device and a few of them actually have one. Other kids even relate it to an iPhone case and some are confused as to ‘how’ we can play games on it, and why anyone would buy it, seeing as it doesn’t fit in your pocket. Check out the video below.

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