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Watch The Wyatt Family WWE 2K15 Entrance Video

by Damian Seeto


2K Games has now released the entrance video of The Wyatt Family coming down the ring in WWE 2K15.

This is our first look at The Wyatt Family being in WWE 2K15. They appeared briefly in the debut trailer, but this new video shows more of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. This is one of the many three-person entrances that are sure to be in the final game when it comes out.

It’s worth noting the entrance of The Wyatt Family is from the PS4/Xbox One version of WWE 2K15. It’s likely the PS3/Xbox 360 version will still look alright, but won’t be so detailed.

Fans will be happy to know that WWE 2K15 also included the lights that the fans hold up during The Wyatt Family entrance. Bray Wyatt also has his lantern and rocking chair. Unlike in previous years, they didn’t miss out on any accessories. I still remember the year Edge came out without his leather jacket and more…

2K Games were also kind enough to share the entrance of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper as a duo as well. You will be happy to hear they even included their own new theme song. Everything looks updated as far as I can tell. Both entrances are inside of the Raw arena.

Check out the video below:

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