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Xbox One NFL Fantasy Football Trailer

| September 5, 2013

Yes, Microsoft has gone ahead and gotten cozy with the NFL. The companies have reached a partnership which was announced back at E3, bringing functionality to the console. It allows users to track fantasy football stats and other sports data on their consoles.

Here’s what Microsoft had to divulge recently about the new partnership:

“Tailored for you, the NFL on Xbox One will deliver the best of the NFL, in a way that will completely reimagine the way you experience football from the comfort of your home. Only Xbox One can bring interactivity to live games, stats, scores, highlights and your Fantasy Football team all together on the best screen in the house – your TV. Xbox One will personalize your NFL experience, for your team, with the best content the NFL has to offer including, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone. Whether you’re watching the game or not, Xbox One makes it easy to keep tabs on the league with Snap mode. You can watch live TV, play games, or watch movies, while simultaneously tracking your Fantasy Football team, or checking in for the latest scores and stats.”

Xbox One NFL Fantasy Football Trailer Videos  Xbox One

And just look at how much fun Derek Yu is having. He’s all-in on the fantasy experience. He’s gone and moved his entire living room out onto a rooftop deck to play fantasy football and demonstrate his graceful winning ways through the Kinect. You can be Derek Yu later this year when the Xbox One launches on November 22nd.

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  • Toto

    Hates the way they advertise this. “The NFL on Xbox One”.

    Its just an add-on showing you fantasy score as you watch an NFL game.

    • GK15

      Well, I watched Monday Night Football on my Xbox 360 the other night so you can watch NFL on Xbox now. Also, I watch college games all the time through the ESPN app that are not broadcast nationally so that feature is awesome.

      • Toto

        The point is can you watch the NFL by only buying an xbox one with Live subscription? Some people may think so.

        • GK15

          They do have a partnership with the NFL, which allows them to advertise. I believe you can watch NFL games (obviously, through the TV feature), look up stats, have your favorite team’s stats easily available, have fantasy football stats pop up, etc.

          It’s probably similar to the ESPN app that they already have on the 360, but just focused more on the NFL. Of course they are gonna hype it up as much as possible.

          I actually liked the commercial. I’m a big football fan, so I I’m looking forward to this! :)

          • logik893

            All they need is to add this to their NBA app.

          • Guest

            It would have made great sense if the deal was with the NBA. I think worldwide the NBA is more popular. But ofc thats not their target market. Their main market is the US.

  • GK15

    Damn I can’t wait until this thing comes out!

    I’m in two FF leagues. Looking forward to using this feature later this year :)

  • logik893

    I am also looking forward to this. Im a huge football fan and I am in multiple fantasy football leagues. This is just a PLUS! Now, if they can get a partnership going with the NBA, that would be great!!

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