First Zelda Gameplay Video – E3 Nintendo Briefing

by William Schwartz


The first gameplay was shown for the upcoming Zelda title from Nintendo. Skyward Sword.  Nintendo’s E3 Conference got underway with a bit of a stumble as the new Legend Of Zelda title took the stage.  The brief trailer featured below gave viewers a taste of the game and then Miyamoto took to the stage to delve deeper into the title.

Explaining that Zelda Skyward Sword featured a brand new control scheme which uses the Wii Motion Plus.  The game will feature more sword battling than previous iterations and the nunchuck will be used for the shield.  It was announced that the title will be available next year.

Unfortunately, this video was scrubbed from the archives. One year later, a more polished The Legend of Zelda was revealed that is now known as Skyward Sword. You can find the trailer for that below, instead.

Zelda E3 2010 Gameplay Video

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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