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Is no GTA V news good news? Grand Theft Auto 5 a no-show at industry event

by William Schwartz on June 14, 2012

E3 2012 was full of games that we already knew alot about. Surprises were few and far between, which left some speculating that a big surprise could be in the works at Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto V had a clear path to dominate the headlines, but the developer decided to pass on that opportunity. Despite consensus that the company would show something at E3, there have been no reports of even off-floor showings of GTA V. What’s more odd, are those that are still clinging to the hope that the next Grand Theft Auto title will still arrive in 2012.

While Rockstar hasn’t announced anything concrete, industry analysts have predicted that their next game would arrive in the fall of 2012. Eventhough Rockstar isn’t an annual attendee of E3, there abscense from even the pre-E3 press conferences signals that this might not be the case at all. Already mid-June, the hourglass is beginning to run out of sand on GTA V in 2012.

Keen observers of Rockstar’s history will remind you that nearly all of their releases take place between the months of April and May. Just look at their last four big releases: Max Payne 3 (May), LA Noire (May), Red Dead Redemption (May), GTA IV (April).

The developer has done quite well sticking with this gameplan. All four of the games listed here have sold into the millions, and have received widespread critical praise. Rockstar did say that once Max Payne 3 had shipped, that they would be releasing new details about GTA V. It’s been a little less than a month, and both the biggest video game trade show, and the Take Two earnings call have both occurred with the company maintaining silence on the game. The next financials from Take Two are due in August, which is probably even too late for the company to announce a 2012 release date for the game.

Perhaps, the odds are beginning to stack up against a 2012 release for Grand Theft Auto V.

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  • JC

    Rockstar has released more games in the Fall than Spring and their biggest sales generated came from a game released in October (San Andreas)

  • Hahaha yes!


  • anon

    Rockstar could release the game next week unexpectedly and still make millions. If they release in early October they will completely undercut COD, people won’t wait a month for a COD clone when GTA V is out.

    • Ignorance LVL: Allen

      Yeah, doing a surprise release TOTALLY benefited SEGA when they did it with their console. Ohh wait…


  • Pete

    I don’t necessarily think that them not being nor them showing the game at E3 means it won’t released in 2012. This was posted on Twitter by Tekken developer Katsuhiro Harada: “Thanks to Max Payne team and Grand Theft Auto, of Rockstar Games. Thanks to Mark Lamia of CoD Black Ops Team Head of Treyarch. I promise to protect!” Rockstar’s logo along with Take 2 Interactive’s was seen at E3 in a private room as well. But all aside, judging by the lack of content since the first trailer in November 2011, I don’t think we will see this game in 2012. Keep in mind, the time between GTA IV’s first and second trailer was only 3 months and its already been 7 for GTA V and still nothing. There is still a tiny bit of time in hope that the game will be released this year.

    • Pete

      To add to that all the major games in the series like GTA, GTA 2, GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas. Even Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories for the PSP were released in October. So its not a stretch at all to say that GTA V will be released on October. October is a strong month for Rockstar to release GTA games.


    Neeext geeeen

  • johanas

    gta 5 will be out march 8th

  • stevo

    Perhaps you’re right…

  • johanas

    i work for rockstar

    • Ignorance LVL: Allen

      A janitor?

  • deathwink


  • johanas

    not exactly, i’m a concept artist

  • Steve

    Let’s get a couplw of things clear since all these online bloggers and news services have no idea what they arm talking about…

    1) Rockstar has never shown a GTA game at E3 (has Rockstar ever had a showing at E3?)

    2) Before GTA4 October was the normal release time for a GTA game

    3) Fire the writer of this article.

    • Ignorance LVL: Allen

      Wow, your just as ignorant as me.

      Can you read your own comment.

      “(has Rockstar ever had a showing at E3?)”

      Its like your asking US to verify YOUR OWN claim. Do some research man.

    • johanas


  • Ryan

    Just because you want GTA V to release in October doesn’t make it a justification to argue it actually will release in October. Rockstar hasn’t released two large titles within the same year since before GTA IV, and being that releasing it while titles such as COD, Halo 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3 are coming out, the company will look to maximize immediate profit while trying to side step any potential inhibitions to max said profits, such as battling with those other titles. Rockstar has shown they prefer their one big release per year in the March through May time slot. It’s a pretty easy conclusion to come to.

  • horizontal

    GTA should better be released before Christmas 2012 season, otherwise if they delay it to 2013 it would be too close to the next gen consoles release in expected 2013. And by then there would be more advanced games in terms of graphics and AI and GTA V would already seem a thing of the past. Watch Dogs is a clear example of the competition for next gen games.

  • APG44

    it don’t matter when it comes out. i mean i would love it to come out before xmas but they will let it out when they want. i mean out of all the games coming out in the OCT-NOV time, im going to buy COD and if GTA comes out that time then i buy that as well. people who want to get it will get it no matter when it comes out. some people would like to get a few of the games out at that time of year, well if you have the money then get them, and if you don’t, then you should of saved up. i only really buy games at the end of the year, so i save up, and i only buy games that i no i wont, and no i’ll be playing on. even if you can only afford 1,then just save up and get the other later.

    • johanas

      maybe you should save up for an english spelling course

  • SN1-P3R

    It has to be releasing sometime soon, either the end of this year (October) or early next year (March-May) because they have been advertising for it ever since the announcement. The banner ads are everywhere including this site. Look at the ads to the right>>>> There are banner ads that show the ‘Venice Beach’ scene from the trailer with the sunset and palm trees but it has no text and you can’t click on it. It’s like some sort of subliminal message type ad. Sounds like something R* would do. If you don’t see it, refresh the page. They are everywhere including all other gaming sites.

    • johanas

      thats manhattan pier.

  • RiverFox08

    G%! D@mm!t Why would they pass on a release this year?!?

  • Dusko

    Can you tell me when it will be released those parts so I can download for me to play on the my PC ? and one more thing how can I play the GTA 4 episode from liberty city for online ? and can you make in the GTA 5 for as to be in police uniform so we can serve the citizen of liberty city ?

  • jesus

    “If they delay it to 2013 it would be too close to the next gen consoles release in expected 2013. And by then there would be more advanced games in terms of graphics and AI” guys that think a next gen console is coming out next year are stupid how many times do company’s have to tell you they are going to release one until 2015-2016 if look at the Wii u it was announced 2 e3s ago and there finally going to release it so if how are they going to release a new system in 2013 if Sony or Microsoft haven’t even announce it at e3 they just announce Xbox glass, yahoo it’s gay but that means Xbox still has some years in it and if they do announce a new system at e3 next year it’ll still be in the dev mode and will be released within 2-4 years after announced probably due to how much power they put IBM it


    It seems like you guys are throwing out numbers for a release date like you’re standing at a roulette table lol. Here is what I’m thinking. 1) I don’t think releasing a game for next-gen and current systems simultaneously is an issue. Remember when the western game GUN was released for PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360 (and Gamecube I believe). We also used to play PS1 games on PS2 so I’m sure it is not hard to copy a damn code from an XBOX 360 disc to use on a next-gen console.
    2) I’m sure Rockstar or Take Two or whoever runs shit has a marketing team and that team’s job is to build anticipation for the product they are marketing (GTA 5) in which case they are doing a damn good job did you know that the real GTA 5 trailer on youtube has almost 20 million views. So my point is the more we cream our pants over the smallest grain of salt GTA5 info the less info we will get. This might be a good thing though because those 20 million views gives them an idea of what the sales for GTA 5 may be which means more money they can invest. So it might take a little longer but we’re gonna have an awesome game when it’s over. Do you think that someone at Rockstar isn’t looking at all these comments and video views and saying holy shit we gotta step up our game…. literally lol.
    3) Max Payne 3 sales are not doing as good as they expected. Now I’m a big fan of Rockstar and I have bought damn near all of the titles they made since GTA and I’m even talking about the ones that weren’t 3D but Max Payne 3 has disappointed me the most if Gamestop would offer more than 15 of the 60 dollars I payed for it I guarantee you it would not be sitting next to me. The story was cool besides the subtitles and they didn’t even give us those at times. But if you had a bunch of people shooting at you and speaking a language you didn’t understand you’d prolly be a lot more scared right? I get that but it doesn’t work on a game when you’re trying to follow a story. The multiplayer also felt like GTA IV which is unacceptable when the game was not even an open world like GTA or Red Dead I was expecting a lot more. Back to the point if Max Payne 3 sales are in the shitter that means two things. 1) They wanna get GTA 5 out quickly to recover. 2) Max Payne sucks because they were so focused on another game like GTA 5 which is their bread and butter. But I do know that Rockstar has not let me down as much as other companies like EA and they also try new innovative ideas that might not work every time but they keep me interested enough to buy everyone of their titles. I really believe that is what they are doing now folks they’re just trying to keep us interested and the more we give in the more we are tortured. But we will never stop wanting something we can’t have it’s human nature and we are all just a bunch of stupid fucking horses chasing a carrot on a stick in front of us only with us it’s a dumb video game that we’re gonna play for a couple months. We’ve already spent more time thinking about this game than the actual game time we are gonna have playing it. STUPID and I’m guilty too.

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