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Should Activision Give PS3 Black Ops First Strike DLC For Free?

by Bill Hess on January 29, 2011

Having played all of the major Black Ops releases on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, I can undeniably say that the Xbox 360 got the most stable version of the game.  Black Ops on the Xbox 360 is a great game, and you can see why it’s so popular on the console.  It runs very smoothly and in many ways is superior to Modern Warfare 2 at this stage in it’s lifespan on the console.  For many Xbox 360 owners that play Call of Duty Black Ops regularly on Microsoft’s console, the 1200 Microsoft points required to expand their Black Ops experience is an afterthought, a must buy if you will.

But what about PS3 gamers?  If you are a one console gamer and play exclusively on the PS3 your Call of Duty Black Ops experience has been quite different than if played on the Xbox 360.  Numerous glitches have saddled the experience for many, and for some, confidence has been lost in the reputable developer, Treyarch.  A development team who has delivered great experiences on the PS3 in the past.  The ultimate I’m sorry from Treyarch?  Give PS3 gamers the Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC “First Strike”  for free.  Sure, Mr. Kotick might not agree and certainly the shareholders of Activision might not agree either but if the loyal fans of your game buy the content and it has the same problems that the game has now, your disgruntled fans are soon going to turn into an angry mob.  Even this would probably not right where many feel they have been wronged but it would be a spectacular PR move, not only from the standpoint that you care about the games that you publish, but the gamers that play them.

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  • Rob

    I’m sick to death with my ps3 version. It’s a good game if it wasn’t for all the issues. It’s an absolute joke. I can’t see this happening because they’re only in it for the money not to satisfy their consumers.



    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      I have both, xbox is a million times better.



  • makavillian 209

    I doubt it will be free but $5 price point sounds good ps3

  • adam

    i dnt think they will for free they should at least give us the dlc half price

  • bob23424

    Free?. no, but well under $15 (maybe 5-8) and they should offer a free map to all ps3 owners for the the game being so subpar on the system.

  • SamClark

    Get over it PS3 fanboys YOU always go on and on about how PS3 free to play online well here the fact you anit ganna get free maps start paying for your online gaming and then you get more in return Sony cant foot the bill forever lol GET OVER IT

    • thx

      Look, I’m a PS3 gamer, but the thing is is that our game it broken. They clearly put more time and effort on the Xbox version. The patches really haven’t done much to help. This issue about the DLC is trying to make up for the disaster that happened to the PC and PS3 communities. If the game were given the proper development time and ported properly there would be much less anxiety and hatred towards Treyarch and Activision. But they rushed the game for PS3 and PC and now look. Activision has been reported to the UK government, Black op’s Facebook page is flooded with negative comments, and gamers are crying bloody murder against Treyarch and Activision for lack of support.

      I don’t mind that Xbox gets it first.(In fact, it has benefits.) But the point on this article is that Treyarch needs to start compensating for what has happened to us.

      “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

      Exactly. If you were Activision and you knew you were quickly losing a major part of your fanbase, wouldn’t you do something to keep them interested and faithful in your game.

      Imagine if it was Xbox having all the problems and PS3 was the better looking title, or it got the DLC first. Don’t deny for a second that you would be demanding free DLC. I know that’s what you would be begging for.

      Also, let’s not forget that PS3 this year have some cool-looking exclusives coming out this year. Not only would it be about compensating, but also for competing against some pretty impressive games. Which would also mean losing a lot of their fans.

    • Jak

      You know Microsoft could be charging a fee for several reasons.
      1. There poor and need the money.
      2. Their greedy basterds who only want money.
      3. They front your subscription fee to pay for Xbox getting DLC a month earlier then PS3.
      So please think in advance before you say something stupid again, fanboy.
      Have a nice day. :D

  • LooN

    im a ps3 user and the issues are bad trayarch can suck trumps through straws directly from my poo pipe, i loved call of dutys thats all i used to play but now im playing need for speed more than black ops and this will carry on happening untill they fix the pile of shit. One day i put black ops on and i couldnt even get into a game its bad shit i was gonna skim the disk down the street. i think giving it us for free is stupid also what good is 5 more maps when you cant play them properly fix up trayarch this is the future things are supposed to be better pacman was more stable than this pile of crap.

  • Patty

    PS3 gets what they pay for. You are always talking about how PS3 is so much better than box. Ya, you guys get free subscription but its terrible. There is a reason why this company puts more time into another system. I own both systems so I can make a fair argument. Xbox is the superior system. You wont admit to it but overall, its better

    • thx

      Just because it’s free does not give good reason to make a poor quality game.

      Oh, and the reason why companies put more time into Xbox is because PS3 is harder to develop, so they develop for Xbox first because IT’S EASIER! NOT NECESSARILY BECAUSE IT’S BETTER.

      Look at what happens when PS3 exclusives come out. Many hail them as technological achievements, rarely matched by anything that comes out on the Xbox 360. Developers just don’t put all they have into the PS3 because they’re too lazy to show the PS3’s full potential.

      But, that’s beside the point. The point here is that Black ops should be running equally on ALL systems when clearly Xbox is the only one that works. If you can’t make a game run good on PS3, don’t bother making it at all.

      Besides, there are other PS3 exclusives coming out this year that look fantastic.

    • Frank

      How is the 360 better? Give me a list of good exclusive that aren’t 3, 4, or 5 years old. Tell me why Xbox Live is worth paying for. Cause you can pay with friends? Fail. Because you have ESPN, Twitter, and Facebook? Fail, I can do that on PS3. There is no fair argument as to why the 360 is better. This isn’t 2007, it’s 2011. Developers are just beginning to figure out how to use the PS3 to its full potential. Xbox? They maxed it out almost 3 years ago with Gears 2. And I own both. There is no room for growth on 360.

    • mario

      are u serious wow. 360 is good but not better.for one the tech is better on the ps3 ign did an article on that. the exclusives. shit u got to be kidding me. 360 has a few too name. Gears is the best game wish it was on the ps3. people only name fable halo gears alan wake the splinter cell one forza thats it. ps3 has too many i will fill up my comment section lol.

    • Vuka

      I dont see how xbox is superior 1. You gota pay every 3 months or something. 2. Your homepage is a pain in the ass.
      AND the reason trayarch are putting more effort in the xbox version of Black Ops is because they have a deal with microsoft until 2012. So get your info straight and that still doesnt excuse trayarch giving ps3 a shit version if they are making money of the ps3 version of Black Ops

    • DavidJee

      It looks like all you Sony fanboys are the same fucking retards… none of you can speel worth shit and your arguments don’t make any fucking sense.

      • Ps3 is better.

        Spell* hypocrite idiot. -_-

    • DavidJee

      It looks like all you Sony fanboys are the same fucking retards… none of you can spell worth shit and your arguments don’t make any fucking sense.

    • BOB!

      EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP! they are both amazing consoles, and both have their flaws. PS3 has more things to do on it, while xbox has a better connection and get stuff first.

    • Scott

      To argue the reason for ease of development, if they were smart (like Crytek for example) they would simply develop some of the game, press a button, and *poof*, the game is now ported to the PC, 360, and PS3.

      I can’t source that tech, but I remember an interview where Crytek explained developing for the consoles in that general manner. If you port the game over, you are wasting time and are bound to screw up. More developers should try the previously mentioned technique as it would save time and increase quality on all systems.

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      @Frank Mass Effect 2, Forza 3 which is 1000000 times better than GT5 (GT5 is the biggest failure in the history of racing games. So there’s two for you and I admit there is a few on the PS3 as well. Demon Souls is one of the best RPG games on a console ever. Heavy Rain was also amazing and personally I loved it. Now to my issue with the PS3 and why the Xbox is still better. 1st things first, yes we pay to play online but we get massive advantages for paying this, we have dedicated servers you have P2P, we get download content before PS3 in a few cases, we get download content for cross console games that are exclusive to the Xbox. Our communication makes the playstation look like it’s communication was designed by a group of meth addicts, which I wouldn’t be surprised about. Now to the most vital point imo, the xbox controller is absolutely perfect. Look at nearly anyone that is really into their PC gaming, do many of them use controllers based on the PS3 controller? Every single hardcore PC gamer I know uses an Xbox controller. They are designed with adults in mind. I know 15 year old kids that would struggle to use a PS3 controller efficiently because it is so small and badly designed (Yes when the PS controller was first designed it was brilliant, that was a very long time ago and they really need to step up their game on this one) There are plenty of other issues with the PS3 as well but I’m becoming bored so I’m going to stop now. Try and prove one thing I said wrong.

    • Sam

      Wow your a complete idiot, you think you get what you pay for when your paying 50 bucks a year(60 now) plus tax for xbox live??!! All your paying for is crossgame chat, cause thats the only thing 360 has over ps3. 360 uses a peer to peer connection, where as ps3 exclusives support dedicated servers which are much much better. That is simply why ps3 has 32 player games, 60 player games, and also 256 player games… lol enjoy 16 players.

      WHATS EXTREMELY funny is that here we all are furious with activision and treyarch cause their game doesnt run well on ps3, but Gears 2 ran even worse on 360 lmao, that online was the biggest joke of live. How do i know… well i had a 360 and it was great back in the day, but it cant compete anymore.

    • jonjon

      lmao u see how many ps3 owners are mad cuz ur telling the truth

    • Frank

      @ Pimp 360 DOESN’T Have dedicated servers. Halo, matchmaking. Gears, matchmaking. Resistance, dedicated, Killzone, Dedicated, Uncharted, dedicated. There are only a few games with dedicated servers on 360, like rainbow six vegas, and Blacksite Area 51.

  • JoeMercy

    keep dreaming the DLS will never be free or cheaper. It’d be a 15 dollars rip off.

    • thx

      What’s that? Do I hear a boycott?

  • Tyler

    If you want better game quality and want to get the maps 1 month earlier pay 50 bucks a moths for xbox live gold if you don’t want to pay the extra get ps3 its free but don’t expect or even suggest getting a map pack for free when you get the online experience free already plus the reason your servers on ps3 arn’t good is because ps3 offers free online with a side effect non dedicated servers your not getting best quality with those heeps

    • jonjon

      @tyler actually its only 8 dollars a month,20 dollars for 3 months and 50 for a year. how u tryin to rant on xbox when u know nothing about them

  • Jay

    what are 360 fagboys even doing here?
    ps3 thread so it makes no sense 4 you to be here.
    but haters gotta hate i guess.

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      That’s the one… I love the way you post on an article that is explaining the failures of the PS3 then continue to stick up for it in spite of the fact the this article was written because the PS3 is worse than the Xbox 360… Go figure.

    • frank

      LMAO @ PLIMP
      You wanna talk failures? RRoD anyone? Learn how to read dude, it talking about how the game sucks, not the PS3. Treyarch just doesn’t know how to develop for the PS3. Why? Well, technolgically speaking the PS3 is leaps and bounds ahead of the 360. The 360 is more like Xbox 1.5, all M$ did was slightly update the GPU on it. 360 sucks bro, get over it.

  • makavillian 209

    Ps3 is harder to develop games but where is the money to develop these games for better experience overall. Ps needs to start charging for psn. Money, money, money. Ps can’t expect to get better psn when there isn’t money coming in to improve it. I wouldn’t work for anything at all if I wasn’t getting paid. I have both consoles and I can see the bigger picture. Xbox is bringing in the money with its charged service, so they can pay there employees to improve on anything and everything. Ps needs to do the same


    Xbox is not a superior system, but xbox live is a superior network. Like they say you get what you pay for.I have been playing Playstation since PS1. I know it is a better system. I would be more than willing to pay for online play to get the quality that is needed for the best gaming experience.

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      Wrong, the PS3 is a superior media center. It is not a better gaming console in any way shape or form. The controller itself is quite the epic fail IMO without even getting started on the console.

  • Xelloss

    Im a PC gamer so i dont know how the game runs on PS3 or XBOX but in PC is horrible, too much lag, bugs and glitches in MP, and console players right now you have better support that the PC gamers (the games on PC almost always are 10 bucks more expensive) and that make me sick. Thanks to the DLC of the consoles applied to the PC the modding in dying slowly in PC ( more modding = more lifespan and fun in the game).
    And yes they need give free the DLC to the PS3, XBOX and PC gamers because the next step after charging for DLC is monthly suscription and that will be the end of the series (60 bucks + 10 monthly + 20 of the ISP = angry players + illegal donwload).

  • HNfTw117

    hey fellow ps3 black ops players. can u guys tell me wat kind of glitches and/or connection problems coz im simply curious to find out wat problems r out there. for me the main problem is a glitch with the second chance perk and also the failed host migration. the mid game disconnection is, for me, not as bad as it use to be but it still needs fixing. the glitch with the second chance perk seriously pisses me off as when i fall to the ground, the perk kicks in but im still holding my primary weapon instead of switching to pistol. wats worst is that i cant fire the gun leaving the perk useless. it doesnt always happen but it still pisses me off.

    about the free dlc. no way treyarch would hand out this stuff for free. it would be awesome if they did as a sorry for giving us an inferior version of the game. but who knows maybe they might turn generous and hand it out.

    now about those stupid xbox fanboys. they can think say all the crap they want. they are simply a bunch of ignorant fags with no brains. srsly they think just bcoz they pay for their precious xbox live it means they’re better than us. we however r smart enough to buy a console that does EVERYTHING better without any extra cost. how do i no all this? i unfortunately use to be one. since ive converted i no ive done the right thing.

    • DavidJee2

      How about those stupid Playstation fanboys who can’t type for shit. LOL, you are the ignorant fag with no brain.

    • thx

      Does the Xbox have folding@home? Nope
      Is the Air Force Research Laboratory using 1,760 Xbox’s as a powerful supercomputer? Nope

      Does the PS3 have folding@home? Yes
      Is the Air Force Research Laboratory using 1.760 PS3’s as a powerful supercomputer? Yes

      The Xbox is a gaming console

      The PS3 is a gaming console and science tool.

    • jonjon

      yes the Xbox is gaming console no shit. thats what is was mad for. and i guess since the ps3 had a shitty gaming experience why not just use it as a pc

  • ragglefraggle1

    maybe if psn charged $1.00 a year they’d get $50mil extra profit lol

  • darren judd

    I think they should lett us hav firststrike for free… Im a MASSIVE c.o.d fan and was gutted when i picked up my copy to find poor conection.lag & glitch trubles…. Over last cupple of days ive started playing agien and problms seem to hav gone…. But tha damage has been done now….. COM ON ACTIVISION GIV BK SUM LOV TO US GAMERS LIKE WE ALL GIV YOU…

  • JTee

    Hell nah ! If they give it free for ps3 then they should make it free for 360 too wtf !!

    • phrog_4_4

      y would u guys get it for free if u guys get it one month before us we should atleast got half price of wat its worth on the xbox 360

    • QuicKsc00pern

      NOOO!!!!! Cuz xbox have the best connections less laggs than ps3 and gets everything first… Why are you xbox guys always thinks that ur better cuz you gets everything first and have a better connection?? I mean if ps3 would get everything first or shine more than xbox do for once then there might be more ppl that are going to pay for ps3 one time and then play how much they want online when xbox is going to pay for it and lose thousands of “fanboys” that you call it xD

  • LolWhatZ?!

    I wonder if the writer of the article could possible cry anymore

    • LolWhatZ?!

      Edit : wonder if the writer of the article could possibly cry more *FIXED*

  • darren judd

    Not at all…. If you spent money on sumfing that had massive hype bout it… Then found out for yourself it wasnt finished or was hacked and glitchy keeped kicking you out of games cozz of server problms… Youd want your money bk or to be compensated in sum way….. Its got fuk all to do wiv sony. Its activision favering one console…..

  • Robert Rubin-Beman

    not at all if us Xbox players and the PC players have to pay to play then the PS3 people should too. Its not Treyarch’s fault that idiotic Sony wanted a more advanced console. Thus making the coding much more difficult. So if anything i see there is only 2 solutions for the PS3 players:
    1. Sell your PS3 and buy an Xbox 360
    2. Suck it up

    • thx

      No way I’m buying a 200 dollars console for a 60 buck game. Think before you speak.

    • QuicKsc00pern

      YOU HAVE F*KING RIGHT thx listen to this guy cuz i know that more than thousands of ppl thinks the same as him about this (including me :D)

  • Chase

    No ps3 should not get the map pack for free. If any one should get its xbox cause we have to pay to play.

    • thx

      Except you have a working game and we don’t

  • Aaron

    Then if you don’t want to spend the money on the superior online system then don’t b***ch just play your broken version on your 600.00 peice of s**t

  • Aaron

    Ohh and I am not a “fanboy” I own both, 82 box games 62 arcade games for the xbox and 5 very dissapointing games for the ps3 ..well except uncharted it was pretty sick

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      Dude PS3 sucks but there is a few more good games. Try Demon Souls, sickest console RPG in ages. And it’s a man’s RPG.

  • J

    Treyarch REFUSE to confirm and acknowledge that there is issues with connection interrupts and game freezes, they are just ignoring the fans. PS3 fans needs to unite and make Treyarch first confirm that these issues exist and then compensate us.

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      Seroiusly, if you’re going to have a cry over it maybe you should sell your PS3 and buy an xbox. Problem solved and then some.

  • sierra

    or they should release all the older zombie maps from previous cod games for a decent price,i dont have problem payin for the new pack!

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      Or maybe you should be smart enough to realize that when you buy something exclusive like a collectors edition the content that came with that is generally exclusive to the collectors edition. Next time just spend the extra 5-10 bucks and get a real mans copy of the game.

  • ps3manzzzzz

    like just said we should get the old world at war zombie maps for free caude i dont mind paying 4 the map pack

  • Your Cheap

    Yea well mabye if you cheap asses payed for your games you wouldnt have all those problems, you should be happy you can at least play it for free. if it were up to me i would keep the glitches in the game just to remind you fags that your cheap and poor.

    • asides

      We do pay for our games you consummate moron. We even paid more for a console. The only thing we don’t pay for is online access (beyond already paying our ISPs), and nor should we. Do you pay for online with the PC version? No. In fact COD uses a P2P system that costs them nothing just using our own connections.

      Activision have had more than enough money from us as is. I have zero interest in supporting this developer anymore and have refused to buy their “Map packs” since the fiasco of the first Modern Warfare map packs, which were of course free on the PC (along with many more), while we were charged for what ended up being 2 usable maps and 3 gimmick maps that were worse than Shipment.

      Next time they should invest some time in developing a real product instead of modding an aging and decrepit game.


    It’s quite obvious the Xbox is the better console for games like Black Ops that rely so much on online multiplayer for sales. Before you even start talking about the game the way the communication between players is set up on Xbox is far superior to the PS3 (I own both, my PS3 is basically an overpriced blu-ray player with exceptions to Heavy Rain and Demon Souls) On another note on xbox we pay for our online experience so it should be better than PSN which is free (Yes you can pay for gold but as far as I know it doesn’t improve communication or your online gaming in any way, shape or form). Dare I say it but shouldn’t Xbox be the one giving away free add-ons. They make a lot of money from xbox live subscriptions without giving much more than a really kick ass communication system. We get it first because microsoft paid them to give it to us first and where did that money come from? Xbox live subscriptions. If playstation gamers are really into their online multiplayer they should seriously consider converting. IMO the xbox was designed as a console and works quite well as one (If you’ve never had RROD), my issue with the PS3 is that is was equally designed a multimedia centre as a gaming console so you were never going to get the same experience as the xbox. On another note which console has more financial backing for games/updates/design? Once again the xbox goes FTW. The xbox has always and will always be the better console, look at Forza 3 vs GT5… GT5 is probably one of the biggest failures in gaming history in my opinion considering the amount of time they had and how little they actually did. To little to late.

  • jonathan


    • jonjon

      actually its because xbox has a contract with treyarch

  • shockwave

    I play the ps3 and I understand what most of you guys are talking about…Free DLC? No, But the price shoulld be reduced to maybe 10 dollars because of the poor connection and also because of the one month wait. I got my copy of Black Ops on my birthday at which so happens to be the release date 11/09 and every day since release date the “connection” was lost and it booted me from a game. It was so bad that one day when I put Black Ops in I got 1000 COD points refunded to me from previous wager matches. In the end we should get something for having to deal with this…hopefully a discount

    • The PLIMP dADDAS

      OMFG!!!!!! Do you pay to play online? No? Well then how are they supposed to run dedicated servers? OMFG!!!!! They can’t!!!!! BUY AN XBOX AND PAY FOR XBOX LIVE AND ENJOY!!!! If not stop being a little girl about it…

  • Damian Simpson

    I have the Xbox 360 and i prefer the xbox because we have better game-play, but I get really sick of the people who play it for like 6-7 hours at a time, daily. I also don’t like that people on Xbox feel the need to ruin the game by hacking it, simply because there are more ways to hack Microsoft’s Products. I’m not saying that Microsoft’s products are shit, but where a lot of people play them, they fell the need to hack to annoy people or help people who are pissed off at their game because they cant level up fast enough. The PS3 are good for game-play but there are too many little kids who buy Call Of Duty:Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2, and they dont know how to play it properly, hence why its too easy and i get 36-40 kills a game on PS3, Whereas on Xbox i can barely get 15-17 a game. But to the point of all this Xbox did experience problems when the game first come out. we could all use game ruining glitches, it took about 5 minutes to find a match, and we lagged out all the time nearly every match and our achievements (Trophies) weren’t registering when we earned them, i alerted them about everything and the dealt with it straight away within 3 days they made patches. us Xbox owners didnt get anything from them so why should PS3 owners?

  • HNfTw117

    ive seem to notice that a lot of xbox fanboys can’t seem to make legit comments

    for example: ‘How about those stupid Playstation fanboys who can’t type for S**t. LOL, you are the ignorant F*g with no brain.’
    by DavidJee2

    instead of giving a proper comment all they can do is have a little bitch fit and type of all sorts of swear words. LOL wat does ‘can type 4 shit’ suppose 2 mean anyway?. We can all type. thats how we make these comments. DUH.

    or how about
    “Yea well mabye if you cheap asses payed for your games you wouldnt have all those problems, you should be happy you can at least play it for free. if it were up to me i would keep the glitches in the game just to remind you F*gs that your cheap and poor.
    by ‘Your Cheap’

    This comment is one the many which talk about how us ps3 owners are 2 cheap pay for our online service (although this one also mentions us not paying for our games) WTF. first of all we are not stupid enough 2 waste our money when PSN is a very good online service. We are also not stupid to buy an inferior piece of hardware like the xbox 360 when a ps3 can perform all our home entertainment needs in one efficient package. Which comes to my point about intelligence – ps3 owners are not a bunch of ignorant children who can only have little rages when some1 says something they dont agree with.

    come on xbox fanboys GROW UP. we have

  • tinman888

    Being a supporter of having all fanboys go crawl in a hole forever, I think this comment section is very tiresome. Xbox fanboys gtfo PS3 fanboys gtfo. Seriously, I own both and they are very good consoles in their own right, though I use the xbox more due to most of my friends playing it. I agree that PS3 should get this free or lower price because PS3 owners are getting gypped. Plain and simple.
    I stopped playing CoD after one day on Modern Warfare 2, so I didn’t get black ops. But, the point still stands.

  • The Smart One

    You guys all fucking suck IMMA GO PLAY BLACK OPS ON WII LOL

  • chris

    I just hope MW3 is not rushed like Call of Duty Black Ops was. Has anyone heard anything new, the only information I could find on Modern Warfare 3 Anyone know of any other places?

  • xbox prod

    guys its treyarch there in it for the money ur not getting it free end of… ps3 has a broken game it will probally be fixed once treyarch begins to work on it for the month following “first strike” release and have the xbox copy and the ps3 copy xbox is better for this preticular game and fallout NV ect. but tekan raises the ps3’s ranks end of rate as you will.

  • ActivisionSucks

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before Activision would allow Treyarch to give away the DLC for free. Not only will they charge PS3 players, but the glitches will probably never be fixed.

  • jMan

    im writing this message from my ps3, can 360 do that?

    • jonjon

      fucking lair it would of said via PS3



  • :D

    ….Half of you are grown men fighting over computer games… that’s all i’m going to say

  • jonjon

    well ima go buy me some Microsoft points now so i can start playing these new maps . lol lets see how many ps3 players give me a thumbs down because they mad they got to want a month

  • jonjon


  • Tyler

    I have both systems and these so called glitches happen on both my ps3 and 360 so whats the big deal?

  • CS

    Why is it $15 and £15, what happened to an exchange rate? The US are paying alot less for it than us Brits!

  • Jack

    I lol because xbox people only say the xbox is better because they pay for online i think someone is being a noob and jealous lolfish.

  • The Game Molester

    Ok if you can afford a PS3 then you can definetly afford a XBOX 360. If you can afford to replaced fucked up discs,mics,controllers,RROD 360’s, and pay to play online then you can probably afford a PS3. Buy both systems enjoy exclusives games on both consoles and end this pathetic fanboy war. PLEASE! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

  • XboxSUX haha

    MW2 worked perfectly fine 99% of the time on my PS3. Black Ops works maybe 80% of the time on my PS3. Why are shi tbox owners hating on the PS3? O YA they gotta pay with a credit card monthly or yearly. Well we play PS3 for free all year long. With that 50$ u spend a year to play online i think ill pitch in 10$ and buy a new video game :)

  • LOL fuc k xbox

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@MW2 worked perfectly fine 99% of the time on my PS3. Black Ops works maybe 80% of the time on my PS3. Why are shi tbox owners hating on the PS3? O YA they gotta pay with a credit card monthly or yearly. Well we play PS3 for free all year long. With that 50$ u spend a year to play online i think ill pitch in 10$ and buy a new video game :)@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    • jonjon


  • Mr.X

    everyone shut up its annoying..ps3 is a great gaming system and so is xbox in its own way as well, they both have good things about them lol (i have ps3)….anyways at least ps3 didnt have the red ring of death and dumb shit like that (not to add to the fight but still)

  • John Markle

    everyone shut up its annoying..ps3 is a great gaming system and so is xbox in its own way as well, they both have good things about them lol (i have ps3)….anyways at least ps3 didnt have the red ring of death and dumb shit like that (not to add to the fight but still)

    • pdog

      yea it has yellow lights of death

    • Sir Spyco

      If PSN or HOOOO EVER the F#@$#%k wits are that are hosting the game leave because I,m kickin there ARSE just 1 more time I,m goin to 360 quick scope them back to C64 level

  • John Markle

    Type your message here…

    • Sir Spyco

      PS thats at grade 3 level of thinkin it,s not even out and you –think– it,s got glitches and crap BUT I do beleave Ps3 and alike should get it at a reduced price games are way over priced and it,s the profit that makes it so expensive

  • Powerserg

    i say they give it too us for free… i’m already bent over all i can.

  • Foster

    I would honestly be more upset if Treyarch just gave the DLC First Strike on PS3 for free, the whole reason behind having to buy their content is so that they can make more money and keep production up for We the Gamers! I don’t want to see the same thing next time COD, Sell the Add-On content.

  • jjdiv123

    xbox 360 controller is better but the ps3 system is way better all around quality, price, and durability

    • BluPhoenix

      you can buy an X-box format controller for the PS3 I have seen them at Wall-Mart…just saying

    • jjdiv123

      They suck and still not durable or the same i just bought the crossfire adapter works perfectly :)

  • Bob

    Ya it should be free because it’s better

  • george cantu

    weres the new maps for the ps3 wtf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t say give it away for free, but it should be sold at a reduced price. Its like going to a car lot and seeing the same model car (new and used) for the same price, because the used one has a few more options. But the used car comes with hidden problems. That’s how I feel about the map packs on ps3, don’t give me something already out with problems and charge me full price. If I’m going to pay full price give me something with maps different from the Xbox.

    • roda

      i think ur right!

  • xbees

    If the PS3’s multiplayer gaming could compare to XBOX Live they might have a chance to compete. I have both systems and I haven’t touched my PS3 in maybe a year. It doesn’t help that way more of my friends are on XBL too.

    As for providing the DLC for free, people work hard making these games and I’m sure they’re not going to work for free. Plus if you give it away for free for PS3 you might start a riot if you don’t do it for XBOX and PC too.


    I guess It is a matter of taste which system you prefer.Or better yet which one you played 1st. Now I’m not going to get into a pissing contest over who’s better,they are both good.But I wil say that xbox live is a better NETWORK then PSN !!! PS3 is my choice and their controller set the standard for all controller. Why do you think your xbox controller looks so simular to ps 1,2,3.


    Look no one is giving away anything for free !! Are you people crazy ? This is how they make money to feed their families support their life style. They are a company in business to make a profit. You can’t do this buy GIVING away stuff.You sound like a bunch of idiots. Grow up and join the REAL world.

  • roda

    wtf they r going to loose all theyre fans and buyers if they keep being like this WTF!!! i dont give a shit of who is better ps3 or xbox!? all i want is the map pack!!!

  • Ondine

    Do people still play Black Ops?

  • Make It Free


  • Lonnie

    Yeah that’s for sure because I don’t think that is fair that we have to wait for the ok from activision to release it to playstation 3. While Xbox 360 people just rub it in our face I don’t think that is ok so I will fight for a free copy of the game because you guys at activision are so selfish and make kids cry who really love to play your games. I don’t know why money is power in the business world. I think that you should get off your high horse and come on down to the real world. Think About it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris

      Dude its a contract between xbox and activision, we will be getting all the maps early till whatever year it ends. its not that they like us more its that ps3 doesnt do that sorta stuff for its gamers.

  • Matt

    Are you kidding me!? You guys don’t have to pay to play stop bitching that you get shtty service.

  • Shamu96

    Honestly the ony thing I’m impressed with with First Strike is Ascension. The online maps “Interactiveness” is retarded… Kowloon and the ziplines???? What’s the point when people will be camping there picking people of and you have no way of defending yourself!! Berlin wall and no mans land… What’s the point of that thing??? It’s so retarded!! No one gains from it!!! Treyarch I don’t know what you’re interactiveness definition is but it’s retarded.

  • adam

    they should at least give it us half price for ps3 and pc to say sorry and that xbox con us

  • Leonski

    i think trayarch have had our pants down already having bought the game for £45 it took me 7.5 hrs to complete the game then on the multiplayer i was geting connection problems all the time!! i know its been updated and the promblems arnt half as bad but it still happens and its so annoying when your in the middle of S&D and doing well!!!!! I think playstation plus owners should get it for free and for the other gamers should get 50% knocked off!!!

  • lkydude

    yes i think they should give first stick mape pack for free on ps3 because we ps3 players we dont have mone to buy awsome stuff like this

  • maggots2devour

    who cares youre still getting them. i run both systems and yeah the maps are good but theyre not worth b**ching about. you could always sit and remember you used your so-called junk controller to post on here

  • Random

    Ok PS3 has some problems… As does Xbox 360. Treyarch are apparently unable to repair the games lags glitches and so on and it causes me headaches, their doing there best here, don’t give away the PS3 version free come on dude as if they would do that, it will cause an uprise of complaints from other console users doubling the problems and possible bankrupt because they had so satisfy fans only to make more unhappy users, don’t expect much from infinerty ward any time soon. Treyarch in my opinion should just invest in getting a more reliable server and then they only have to adjust small things that people just don’t like eg: second chance. They are after money but they do want users to be happy or they will never sell another copy of COD they listen to the players.

  • PsycoMan157

    All in all this whole post is about how ps3 and pc get the after xbox. Its not really Tryarchs fault if mircrosoft throws they’re weight around and buys rights to it first. The price is getting a little rediculous, but xbox users also have to pay for it (in they’re own way) If they were to give it away for free they would be broke and we would never see patches or updates or any new COD games that we all apperantly play. A reduced price would be nice way of saying they’re sorry for making us wait, but it actually is not neccessary. Everyone of you who are saying that they should be fair should just grow up. Its called life, its not fair, and they’re bullies in the world that will make it that way. As for xbox, i don’t have anything bad to say about it, and i own a ps3. Its got some nice features that the ps3 doesn’t, and the ps3 has stuff the xbox doesn’t. That’s why its called the “gaming industry” they’re all a business. Its rediculous for us to expect ps3 to give it away for free. Trying to release the dlc at the same time? That should be probable.

  • quinny

    If you think the map pack is going to be free you are daft, the problem with black ops is it was made and designed for the 360 first off and then adapted for the ps3, ps3 owners come second always have with the cod series, get used to it.
    If they gave ps3 owners first strike for free they would lose far too much money and lets be honest thats why they make the games and the map packs.
    I am a ps3 owner and i have put up with all the freezing, lagging, kicking, and many other problems with black ops its just really gets on my nerves that they couldnt make sure it was on parr with the 360 version before we spent our money on it.

  • yo-momma

    free, cause “connection interupted, game lobby closed, and etc” stuff like tht happens on PS3, so FREE!!!!!

  • PSN:karioz

    Dude i think they should give it to us free bcz after theyv cost us 60$ for the game and all these freezes , host migrations, kickouts and probs i dont think it deserves to be worth any money…
    But i dont think they will bcz they want to make money, so lets just say give it to us with a lower price ……
    Btw nice comment “kasn” they released it first on the xbox before ps3 to test if the game will be working good……xD

  • psn: helpsy92

    if its more than a tenner (£10) then SCAMarch (treyarch) will be wearing there fcukin black ops, along with a kick in the cnut!

  • s13buckeye

    they should give it away for free to ps3 gamers, we had to wait for the 2 map packs for modern warfare 2, and all the glitch and connectivity issues with black ops. we are loyal call of duty gamers just like 360 players, and we seem to be getting all the problems and hassels 360 users are not

  • maldread88

    Its ironic that Call Of Duty was FIRST on the PlayStation, But now Xbox is getting all the “Special treatment” and “Goodies” before PlayStation is, I say **** XboX and give the Original System the Updates and Packs First!! So Yes, Give us PS3 Players the map pack first instead of waiting an entire month AFTER it comes out so we can see all these Youtube videos of all this new **** we cant have yet!

  • the mrlizardmoney on youtube

    why the hell does ps3 have to wait for a delay and xbox gets it first we shalll get it free i agree with maldread88 we had cod first and we should get it free for being first as an exclusive.i hate xbox u have to pay for it ps3 has more people playing because we get a free membership.

  • ?????

    i work on cod 4, waw, mw2 and there where aim at ps3 bcoz there is more ps3 users than xbox users but for black ops xbox payed to make it aimed at xbox 360 and xbox will keep paying bcoz its the only way to try and get ps3 users to switch xbox and all so no way is it going to b free for ps3 users bcoz millions play on black ops every day and also on all cod game there hav made more money off of ps3 eg cod 4 78%, waw 62% mw2 71% more sales on dlc and on game sales but you will find if they start losing ps3 users xbox will hav to start paying more witch is bad news bcoz it will than start taking a big effect on xbox live game play bcoz there more money going out then in that is why you hav to pay for xbox live as psn is free bcoz ps3 makes money off of games and dose not hav to hav much of a backing from from sony’s different companys as xbox is solo depend on micrsoft bcoz xbox is losing millions of dollars a year that is why they pay for game to b on xbox as playstation dose not bcoz all the gaming companys know playstation as got a bigger fan base than xbox will every hav a the rate of xbox’s loses

    • The Truth

      there is no way you work on any video game when you can’t even spell dude…


    Yea free, cause anyone here who has used Far Cry 2 map editor, knows these maps ain’t worth $15 especially when you got guys who can put these maps together in a few hours. Fuck after i buy 3 map packs its almost a new fucking game, but its not. Bc2 free maps all around and they give more maps and 1 Bc2 map is bigger than 4 cod maps, so um yea i think it sould be free. Even though i traded my black ops and MW2 in a month ago, lol. My ass can’t take the constant pounding Activision keeps giving me while its buddy microsoft video tapes it. Even though i really love the series, im tired of the lack of online support and straight up disrespect to PS3 gamers. Fuck i was playing the killzone 3 beta and it has better servers than Blk Ops and that sorry excuse they gave that all games have there bugs, yea thats true but not all games make billions of $$$$$ and still can’t get right.

  • xGuitarGodx

    Just stop being greedy and give it to everyone for free already. I mean come on, seriously? $15 for a few maps? Come on.

  • Swifty

    Stuff CoD, just invest in KillZone3. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks playing the online beta and it blows CoD away in all areas. The best FPS yet!

  • http://attackofthefanboy psn jpgdshawn

    Ok this all I’m gnna say ps3 is awesome xbox is awesome but y does xbox get red ring microsoft is retarded if u open ur xbox they put this thing like a bandayd on the heater crap my bro took that off n put tape n a pennie on it it never gt red ring again and I do I have ps3 but trearchy is macking pc gamers and ps3 gamers mad cuz if they mad every thing come out at thde same time then no one would be arguing I am mad I gt to wait a month but there’s nothing u can do soo were just sitting here wastin are life time but its probably not the systems that are messing up its are computers are connections that’s all n if u have a computer hook ur ps3 up 2 it then automatic connection my game workin fine I’m just mad that 360 gt the maps first n I’m gnna say 360 paid treachy 2 get there’s first n sony didn’t want to waste money just to get the maps out earli that’s stupid just be patient n it will be like a week then boom u gt maqps

  • lucas

    PS3 has no reason because it would stay stable even if it’d acquired first strike. It wouldn’t do anything to match making. But PC on the other hand, we have server browser. If first strike was on PC, it would be too confusing to find which server does or does not have first strike,

  • Justin

    well, if it doesnt cost anything im gonna get it. if it does im not, cuz treyarch and activision are just gonna make new ones probably a month or two later. dont forget about the next, rumored, call of duty. Call of duty: space warfare. which should come out late 2011. i think treyarch/activision is just trying to eat peoples money.

    • tonytouch

      i think that the goal of every compagny? xD

  • MIKE


    • Chris

      You know whats really annoying? typing in caps

  • Kyle

    I think the prices should be the same but ps3 should have dedicated servers and also releasing the maps on the 1st of march

  • NightElfZzz

    Naah, u all are dumb mothafuckas! WoW is the best game evar!

  • ztb1217

    yeah you should ps3 is better than xbox ztb1217

  • RussPlat 15th Prestige

    Okay First of all, Map packs should never and will never be free it takes too much time and effort to develop them. I do agreehowever that they SHOULD BE FREE…Now I’ve never owned an XBox and I never will but to hear that Xbox has a better version of the same GAME are you serious… how the f*** do you develop a game that works worse on one console… maybe if sony payed activition $5,000,000 treyarch might put more thought into ps3’s black ops development. This isn’t treyarchs/activitions fault they are just simply following the money all in all if ps3 is going to be a better gaming system it must be competitive with Xbox. And as of right now, they can care less after all their excuse is we dont have to pay to play online.
    Now moving onto the next topic.. Black ops on PS3 multiplayer experience… Have you ever played the best game of your life by killing 50 in a row without dying and because the “host” on the other team disconnected that best game of your life never actually happened.. Server Migration does not exist on PS3.. I’ve lost so much bonus XP that i could have been 15th prestige 100 hours ago. Sure once in a while someone will disconnect and it picks a server that can actually host and the game continues only to be disconnected in another 5 minutes cause someone else disconnected. How hard is it to fix this problem it obviously doesn’t exist on Xbox… it never existed on MW2…
    I truly hope to see this fixed in the future but as of right now I want everyone to buy and enjoy the new map pack thats coming out tomorrow for PS3.. Have fun and always aim for headshots!
    (K!LA) Russ Plat. 15TH PRESTIGE

  • Adrian

    I Think all of you should shut the fuck up and just play the damn game and enjoy it dont worry about what game system is better or which one gets dlc first its about playing the maps and enjoy them´

    • RussPlat 15th Prestige

      your obviously a xbox user… Adrian. You dont know what it’s like

    • Duke

      you try putting up with how bad it was you freaking xbot.

      it was unplayable, not just for ps3 but for pc.

      hard to enjoy a game that keeps screwing up all the time.

  • stat

    does anyone no what time it comes out today cuz im on it now and i cant find it on the playstation store anywhere

  • OG Scumbag

    when does the maps become available? Time wise? its 1am…. btw I have both systems,im already well versed on them! and they all are good maps.

  • RussPlat 15th Prestige

    It should be out by 3-4 pm eastern time thats when everyones outta school

  • majidary

    free plz

  • majidary

    dfrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mapdssss

  • Goldy2403

    I rekon that should give it to us for free for having to put up with the crappy lag and hosts endeing games

  • Viktor

    It’s out now.

  • Brad

    Ps3 gamers should get 1 free map that they can’t get on gay-box (I mean x box) hahaha just for putting up wit Thea lost conection BS but I love my playstation……………….. PLAYSTATION 4 LIFE

  • collin masters

    i cant even get the map pack and its out
    what the crap?
    i got all the waw ones on realease from treyarch
    no problems
    now i want some ascension and guess what?
    treyarch hates ps3 users

  • Ethan

    Good point, however we did not get anything for free.

    AT the moment i’m not sure if I want to buy it or not. The game was great, but sooo many problems. I guess we’ll see.

  • xbox hater

    the fucking call of duty hate ps3 thats a facts soo why should we gives them our money..

  • DaveyBoy

    Totally Agree.
    Free map pack would be the least they can do. Activision have made millions in the last quarter of 2010 and still have done NOTHING to improve the experience for us PS3ers.

    The problem is joe public; they get sold a sh*t game but still rush out and buy the DLC extras! That’s like thanking Activision/Treyarch and saying ‘we’ll gladly put up with sh*t software, please seel us some more’.

    Rest assured I wont be buying the pack and i will NEVER buy an Activision/Treyarch game again.

  • Dave

    I think everyone working for Treyarch should be SHOT for messing up so bad.

  • dillon

    i think that treyarch SHOULD give us a diffrent map pack thats not on the xbox because the gay box has trophies that gives points to the store thats gay eh ??

  • dillon

    so their like gettin almost everything for free

  • riyw

    they get points for trophies??? WHAT!!! they get free oney AND really better internet connection??? i’m telling u, i am infinity ward dependent now. they won’t let me down :)

  • sebastian

    your a dumbass we dont get points for “trophies” btw there called achivments ur so stupid think before you open up ur god damn mouth kid

  • sebastian

    you guys barely have to buy anything you cheap Indian bastards other the having to buy the map pack we also pay 60 dollers every fuking you for are membership so stop being such cry babies you pussys

  • kyle

    The game cost at least 60$ we should get the map pack free

  • Bob

    NO!!!! that would not be fair!!! but they should make a free map for all systems!!!

  • Bob

    NOO!! XBOX IS better that is why it works better on XBOX!!!!!

  • Bob

    Xbox should get map packs for free we have to pay for online and ps3 don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unsettledblaze

    how is gay box better it has 25+ problems RROD RDOD please put in a xbox 360 disk
    e324 those are some of the problems on xbox and they new problems that microsoft doesnt even know about ps3 has freezees sometimes and internet connection problems is that it just so happens to be that GAY BOX gamers have high quality internet and ps3 peole dont and most the time they shut off the consle in the middle of a match


    its pretty gay PS3 users should get it for free im not paying 15 bucks for a piece of shit DLC pack so FUCK YOU TREYARCH

  • thepariah

    I wish the raging noobs on here would learn to spell. It’s embarrasing for former-360-now-PS3 gamers like myself that have to endure playing with such idiots on both platforms.

  • james

    well im new but ps3 is better than gay box b/c xbox cant go on the enternet they pay for xbox 60$ and ps3 gets the packs a month later and ps3 can game chair my id is princeofprince soif u have first strike look me up i go first last time i was hacked and i have no reson to hack yours im preastege 6

  • Jack

    Let me get this straight. I paid £250 for the console + £30 for the controllers + £50 for the game. I am not willing to spend £15-17 on the dlc. That would be a total of £345. PSN got hacked a few weeks ago, why can’t makers of black ops give us an offer of the dlc pack to be free

  • USMC

    all i gotta say is who cares to each his own i love my ps3 and i love my box i prefer my comp but damn i cant play most of these games on box dont wanna pay to play cant play on comp too tempted to hack them so its to the PS3 absolutely GODLIKE. nothing compares and the glitches dont bug me i just deal with it… some of the things you learn as an adult. maybe some should think the same…?





  • VoiceofReason

    Listen people, every system has a problem the system arent perfect nothing is. If there is online dont blame the game some one has to host it some people have to leave matches. you think you might be playing the game of your life bull Sh@t there is always another match. treyarch will never give away anything contracts wont be broken over because of some glitches a company that already put out the game isnt going to shut down online to fix because it will never be fixed get over i own a ps3 i could of got x-box i didnt like the exclusive for ps3 better then x-box my friend might say otherwise it just all comes down to opinion that wont change get over it now i leave you with my wisdom you may choose with what you may do with

  • Adrian

    personally i h8 xbox because u have to pay so i got ps3 and i can safly say that its treyarchs fault entirely im not buying another trayarch game they make shit servers and make update that do apsalutly nothing and all the map packs are pure crap apart from stadium i wish i could just try the maps before i buy them and i wish we could buy individual maps because 3/4 always suck

  • lococholo

    o yea and they are sending emails saying that you can get 20.00 inyour wallet if you sent all you friends a message and I never receive anything

  • nawaf


  • Jer

    $15 is okay now the 1.12 update on ps3 aint bad the servers sometime disconnect online gameplay becuase the bad connection the host have they should make a 1.13 patch where its make the psn users who have good connection be host treyarch we need u to do that my wins was postive but it lagged out 4 times and i lost one game my wins is 40 and my loses is 45 now cause of the servers dont get me wrong you did good on the 1.11 and 1.12 update it made it so u plant the bomb it makes the nose and the servers are really good but we need the 1.13 patch to have it so theirs no crappy host it should pick the 100 or 95% good connection host and need to nerf the guns that are powerful like the galil and the ak74u and please treyarch fix this thumbs up so treyarch can see this

  • Jer

    i have xbox 360 black ops and ps3 black ops but the 360 always lagged or dissconnected servers or game lobby closed so ps3 is better the 1.12 and 1.11 update in the week ago is good it helped the game alot .it barely lagged or dissconnected unless u have crappy connection so plus they didnt fix it 100%they fixed it 97% 3% is the bad crappy host who got chosen which should never happen

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