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PS4, Xbox One Hard Drives might not be big enough?

by Jonny Hercock on September 30, 2013


Both the PS4 and Xbox One have internal Hard Drives of 500GB, but it looks like this might not be big enough if you really want to take advantage of the next generation. There’s a lot of hype about being able to play games while they download, a feature that both consoles offer, and being able to install multiple games onto your console’s hard drive and swap instantly between them.

A problem arises here though. With the next generation arriving, more games are running at 1080p, 60 fps and are more advanced that ever, so downloading games may become troublesome. As Fergal Gara, UK Managing Director at Sony, told Eurogamer in a recent interview; “…the files themselves are getting bloody big. Killzone: Shadow Fall is an uber file – I think it’s cracking on for 50GB.”

Let’s just analyse the maths involved here. If all games are the same size as the new Killzone (50GB), and the hard drives of the new consoles are 500GB, then you might only fit 10 games onto your console. It gets worse though. This is only accounting for full-sized games, not indie games, arcade games, videos, gamer accounts or most importantly; save files and DLC. As if this wasn’t worrying enough, hard drives usually take a small percentage to load the operating system, so though they both say 500GB, you’ll probably only get about 450GB of saving space, which brings it down to 9 games.

Some of you may be thinking “it’s alright, I can just use an external hard drive”. Well, maybe not the way you want to. Shuhei Yoshida has already confirmed via twitter that games can’t be installed onto an external hard drive for the PS4, and the Xbox One won’t support external hard drives at launch. Not to mention, you’d have to buy an external hard drive if you don’t already own one and some people have download limits or slow connections to think about, and if games are 50GB each then it could easily be an issue.

This may be overestimating trouble after all, as Killzone is likely to be bigger than some games, but if these consoles are meant to last for 10 years or so, I imagine most people will have more than 9 games that they’d like to install onto their PS4 or Xbox One in that time. There hasn’t really been anything from Microsoft about the potential size of downloaded titles, so the same problem is just as likely to affect Xbox One users.

So what do you think? Will next-gen hard drives be big enough for you? Leave a comment below.

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  • njb

    Thats why we still use physical media.
    We are not quite their yet for Digital only.

    Plus i dont think its right that you pay more for a digital copy of any media, The physical media is cheaper and you at least have a physical product that you actually own and can do what u like with it. (surely it costs more to manufacture discs, cases and all of that art work, yet physical copies drop in price so fast.)

    Steam is the exception but still i have been able to get games cheaper on disc then buying on steam unless their is a sale.

    • RoadShow

      Beat me to it. That’s why we have physical media. A game install is much smaller than the full game. Also PS4 is upgrade able. I was told with PS3 not to go over 500gb but some people said they dropped a 1TB in and it runs fine. Seems like if we can get away with it upgraded to 1TB would be helpful.

      Also with digital copies there is no 3rd party retailer with an overhead.

      • Ahmazin

        I put a 1TB drive in my PS3 and it runs fine. It only allowed access to 931GB, and I’m down to 560GB already. Until we can put 2-3TB drives in consoles, physical copies will remain the way to go for me. I hate swapping out games.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        Yep. :)

  • NathGamer

    Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that you can replace the 500GB HDD with a bigger one of you wish (1TB, 2TB etc.) on the PS4 but you cannot with the XBone.

    • jaskdavis

      probably or you could spend less on an external hardrive or flash drive and be much cheaper, and yes, Xbox One does support USB 3.0 storage devices.

    • RafaelX

      PS4 you have to upgrade HHD through Sony, Xbox One you can’t but can use any flash drive or external drive like 360, and it’s cheaper!

      • Proxy2501

        Playstation always takes any 2.5″ sata and can be upraded at home in less than 10 mins. plus Microsoft already stated Xboxone wont support external HHD day one and may not even allow games to be stored/run from them since the drive can be altered.

        • Lacerz

          Exactly. Microsoft won’t allow external storage devices until they’re able to lock them down. Can’t have someone sharing their external drives now, can they?

          • jaskdavis

            ? That’s why I use a Flash drive on my 360 with games on it…

          • Lacerz

            I understand, but for a feature that’s available on the 360, there’s got to be some reason why it’s being delayed on the One. I’m thinking DRM safeguards. I can’t confirm it, but it makes sense.

        • jaskdavis

          NO they stated not available Day One but ARE implementing it in the future. Gets your facts straight

          • Proxy2501

            No one said it wasn’t, its just strange to delay a feature that’s already supported on an older product.

          • jaskdavis

            Sorry, misread your comment, I apologize :)

          • Proxy2501

            You Sir are a get gentleman.

          • RoadShow

            See now this is the true attack of the fanboy community. Just gotta trim the fat :-)

          • Wizard of Peace

            Did i just see a civilized fanboy fight. Brings tears to the eyes!

      • Lacerz

        No, Sony doesn’t require proprietary HDDs. You’re free to upgrade with whatever HDD you want, so long as it fits the PS4’s dimensions.

      • mathMaticks

        Yea, an upgrade is in order on my Ps4.. KZ:SF is 50gb. good thing I’m going to get it on disk.

  • jaskdavis

    External SSD or HHD or Flash Drive via USB 3.0 for Xbox One (and PS4 I think?)… problem solved ;)

  • trfe

    Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all
    Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content,
    including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment. This
    content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access
    it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are.

    • jaskdavis

      Did not know it included games?

      • RoadShow

        I do not know that is accurate.

        • trfe

          No? Google it. That’s the press release.

          • Proxy2501

            That would require an always on internet connection and take a huge amount of bandwidth every time you played that game, wouldn’t it be easier at that point to download or just get a disk?

          • trfe

            Nope. You won’t have to be always online if you simply transfer games from the cloud to your system’s hard drive and then play it offline, if you choose.

          • Proxy2501

            Transferring them to your system kinda defeats the discussion we’re having…

          • trfe

            Yeah. I considered this. Depending on where you connect to to buy games it could potentially be faster to transfer games from the cloud than connecting to a game server to download a game that you previously deleted.

            Guess it comes down to if you connect to MS servers to download the game or if it sends you to the game dev’s servers. Although with xbox one having 300,000 servers vs the 15,000 it had for xbox 360 there is talk that each game dev will be given dedicated servers from MS.

          • Proxy2501

            It does indeed say games, but its not very clear on if that’s game saves or full games. If it is intended for full games, some as large as 50GB, that would be impressive and worth considering.

          • trfe

            Yeah I hear you. I would imagine with the old “always on” console this was a must…hopefully it is one of those things that sticks around…and it is everything we hope and dream it will be.

          • RoadShow

            I don’t see it buddy.

          • trfe

            Google “xbox one unlimited cloud storage” and see what you find.

          • RoadShow

            I did and it’s not there. Besides PS4 has cloud storage, just like how PS3 has double the cloud storage than 360.

          • trfe


            I guess my google works a lot differently than yours because i have pages of news articles talking about it.

            Or you’re just a little baby liar.

            I’ll go with the latter.

            Funny how you’re changing subject to PS3 now…because we were talking about xbox one unlimited cloud storage before. Are you grasping at straws already over there kiddo?

          • RoadShow

            All I found was info about the possibility of reverse compatibility via cloud streaming like PS4’s gaikai.

            I’m changing the subject? Please, you don’t even have 1 valid point to your name. Xbox fking sucks donkey balls and you know it. In every single measurable way it sucks compared to the competition. Entertainment, exclusives, exclusive content, hardware quality, accessories, peripherals. In every single way a gamer enjoys a console, xbox sucks. It costs the most and gives the least.

            I’m just pointing out that you are “assuming” things when it comes to cloud storage. As proven this generation Sony has DOUBLE that of 360.

          • trfe

            Microsoft to start game streaming service named Rio

            Rio will apparently let gamers stream their Xbox One games to their
            Surface tablets or Windows Phone devices, played with a controller, at “Xbox-level visual quality.”
            This is a lot like the PlayStation 4’s remote-play feature through
            which gamers can stream PS4 games to their PlayStation Vita. The same
            Rio service is also said to be useful for backwards compatibility,
            allowing Xbox One owners to play their 360 games.

            This is better because it goes to a phone or tablet, not some dedicated gaming device. How much you want to bet it’s out before Gaikai crap?

          • RoadShow

            Those are Xbox 360 games dude not Xbox one. See you are just fking full of $hit besides of course they are working on a streaming service…following Sony’s lead.

            Vita is awesome and the connectivity with PS4 is far better than the pitiful connectivity smart glass has.

            Gaikai has been improved much since Sony took it over and optimizing it for PS4/PS3 streaming. Also that Vita TV box is pimp, remote play PS4 games on any TV.

          • Deadred

            Your Google must be weird. “Xbox unlimited cloud storage” returns heaps of pages on the topic. Maybe you are being too general and just typing “Xbox cloud”

          • RoadShow

            I don’t see where it says you can install xbox one games and play them anywhere.

          • James

            Its about re-downloading digital games.

            RoadShow, read my previous comment.
            Google “Microsoft explains exact working of Cloud Storage on Xbox One”

            “Game play is not streamed directly from the cloud, but all of your digital games are stored and saved in the cloud so you can access them anytime, from any Xbox One console.”

          • RoadShow

            That’s the same as purchasing from the store and logging in your friends Playstation isn’t it?

          • James

            Yeah, I guess it is.

          • RoadShow

            Yeah, sorry I didn’t catch all that.

      • James

        As far as I know its not proper storage space. Its just the possibility to re-download digital games you already purchased. “Unlimited storage space” is just another misleading advertising slogan.

        You can basically store save games. Profile saves, achievements which you would expect anyway. And the ability to download previously purchased digital content.

  • drexl

    If only games were that much better based on file size, Wasteland, 650kb vs 50,000,000kb; damn

  • Jason

    Similar problem when PS3 released. The 60 and 80 GB drives filled up quick! So it appears, in reality, that MS and Sony kept the drive “small” for cost reasons.

    It wasn’t long before I took the 80GB drive out of my PS3 and put in a 250. I’m sure I’ll be throwing in a 1.5 or 2TB drive before long. The 120GB on my Xbox Elite filled up quick, too. Going to have to upgrade that soon as well

  • Kevin Pheasey

    A 500GB HDD is plenty of room on a PC which can run 4K resolutions. I think the hard drives will be enough for a few games. Do you really need instant access to your entire game collection?

  • Van Oysterson

    How can a game like Killzone be 50g. Poor optimisation?

  • da Boss

    Just buy a terrabyte hardrive, go for 2 if you must. And if you’re buying games online, that means you can redownload them whenever you want. This way you can just delete old games and replace them with the new. And whenever you feel like playing that game again, just re download it later. Thats what i did with my 120gig ps3 drive and its lasted me until this day. Granted its rarely ever not full to the tip, but it gets the job done. Especially if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a thousand dollar 2tb ssd.

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