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Microsoft to take on Apple, announces Surface Tablet

by Bill Hess on June 18, 2012

At a mysterious unveiling in Hollywood, CA, Microsoft announced that they will be entering the tablet hardware market with “Surface”.  Surface is a tablet that fuses the Windows 8 Operating System with a hardware set that was designed specifically for the tablet.

Early specs coming out of the conference put the tablet at 9.3mm with a full size USB 2 port.  The tablet has beveled edges at 22 degrees, which is set in a magnesium casing weighing 1.5 lbs.  The 10.6 inch display can access all Windows apps, music, movies, and “more”.

The tablet has a built in kickstand to prop the tablet “kick back and watch a movie”.  For productivity, the tablet has a built in multi-touch keyboard with trackpad, which they say is “twice as efficient as typing on glass.”


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  • Allen

    same destiny as zune

    • Jason

      Zune? And how is Sony, the prior king of portable music doing these days? Oh yeah, near bankrupt

    • TBone

      Lol, so that’s TV, Music, and the video game industry that Sony once dominated and now barely a player.

    • Allen

      Sounds like a good time to buy stock. They are in a great position for a comeback on all fronts and the gaming is doing great.

      Or is outselling 360 each and every week not doing so good?

    • TBone

      Market Leader for 2 generations barely outselling Xbox worldwide now, no that is not that good

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