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PUBG Servers Can’t Handle All The New Players Coming to the Game

| October 3, 2017

PUBG Servers Can't Handle All The New Players Coming to the Game News PC Gaming  PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been having a lot of server issues lately. It seems like everyday that PUBG players are experiencing downtime, connection issues, login problems, and server crashes when trying to play the game.

Apparently this is because Bluehole didn’t expect the game to become so popular, so quickly and are having a hard time deploying enough server resources to handle so many concurrent players during peak hours.

In a developer blog, the PUBG team says that they’ve been “continuously upgrading the service architecture to address the increasing concurrent player numbers,” but that there have been “unexpected issues during peak times.”

“The number of users increased faster than our development speed,” says PUBG developers.

Going forward, the PUBG development team says that they’ve “doubled” their efforts to improve the quality of the service to avoid these types of connection issues while also trying to continuously work on optimizing the game and make gradual improvements.

While the most recent address may allude to this being a new problem, those that have been playing PUBG since it launched will know that this has been a recurring problem. Server issues have been plaguing the game since launch and with the player base growing exponentially it’s easy to see why they’ve failed thus far to provide a satisfactory experience.

But this is the problem with Early Access games, you can’t really blame the developers here. Players who purchased PUBG in Early Access willingly should expect that the experience is not going to be perfect.

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  • Alpha Male

    The game has an awesome premise but jesus christ is it broken. I’m not just talking about the servers, that should be the bare minimum requirement for an online game to have functional servers. I’m talking about everything else. If there’s more than a few people in an area the game runs like shit, there’s still no vaulting and the list goes on and on. They really need to get the basics down before trying to get people excited about maps and modes. This connection issue and defaulting to Asian servers is ridiculous. They’ve made so much money they need to hire more people or something to get this game to a playable state that their fanbase deserves instead of just apologizing every day.