What Is the Buckshot Roulette World Record & Who Holds It? Explained

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by Drew Kopp
Image: Mike Klubnika

Buckshot Roulette is a terrifying indie game that forces you to play a shotgun-themed variant of Russian Roulette with a razor-toothed dealer. If you survive, you win a suitcase full of cash, but how much have people made playing this deadly game of chance?

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Buckshot Roulette is quickly becoming the first big viral game of 2024, and players are eager to know who’s walked away with the heaviest suitcase. Here’s the Buckshot Roulette World Record and the person who holds it.

How Does Your Score Work in Buckshot Roulette?

Image: Mike Klubnika

Buckshot Roulette is, at its core, an arcade game that challenges you to get the highest score possible. This score takes the form of the money you earn if you survive longer than the dealer. The amount of money you can earn is initially set at $100000, with deductions for the number of slugs you fire/dispense and the number of items you use.

When Buckshot Roulette first came out, most world record contenders’ scores hovered between the $70000 to $90000 range, but that changed after the “Double or Nothing” update was released. As the title implies, this free patch allows you to double your payout in exchange for raising the stakes so high they risk crashing into a commercial airplane. Thanks to this, players’ recorded scores have leaped into the range of $12000000 to $15000000.

Who Holds the Buckshot Roulette World Record?

I combed YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit in my hunt for the Buckshot World Record, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found them. A Twitter user going by the handle @DaithiDeNogla amassed an impressive $14527232 fortune throughout a two-hour game session.

To back up their claim to this score, Nogla uploaded a video of their world record-setting session to their YouTube Channel. This almost two-hour video shows how Nogla survived his one-on-one dance on the edge of life and death with the dealer by carefully using the items that come his way and occasionally letting fate clip a coin.

So, congrats to Nogla for holding the Buckshot Roulette World Record! The game’s becoming more popular as the days go by, so I hope he’s looking into refining his already impressive technique to stay on top of the ever-growing number of gamblers kicking down the dealer’s door.

- This article was updated on January 21st, 2024

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