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The Dead Space franchise gets further and further away from its roots by trading in tension for action. Dead Space 3 will leave long-time fans bewildered, while offering the spectacle that will appeal to a wider audience.Dead Space 3February 5, 20134

Dead Space 3 Review

The Verdict on Dead Space 3
The Dead Space franchise gets further and further away from its roots by trading in tension for action. Dead Space 3 will leave long-time fans bewildered, while offering the spectacle that will appeal to a wider audience.

The Dead Space franchise is one that has seen significant changes since its original release. What started out as a survival horror game that placed players smack dab in the middle of a truly frightening scenario, has migrated towards a more action-oriented experience in recent years.

Making this franchise more approachable has made the Dead Space series more financially viable for EA, but there have been considerable changes made to the game, an expansion of the story, and a game with a much bigger scope than just wading down dark corridors.

With Dead Space 3, Visceral moves even further away from what made the original a cult classic. Instead, monster closets and internal dialogue have been traded in for the Issac Clarke that was introduced in Dead Space 2. It wasn’t hard to see this coming for the franchise after the success of the last game, but for fans that started with the original, Dead Space 3 is a game that rarely even feels vaguely familiar. That’s not to say Dead Space 3 is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. It’s probably Visceral’s best work to date from a technical standpoint, and they’ve once again pushed the limits of what to expect from the aging Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

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What we loved about Dead Space 3

If looks could kill –The Dead Space franchise has once again set the bar for what we should expect from console visuals. Just like they did back in 2011, Visceral has once again put together a visual package that is rivaled by few, if any. There’s a lot of variety in the locations that Visceral sends you to in Dead Space 3. You’ll explore the frozen tundra of Tau Volantis, explore derelict space stations, scale cliff faces, and take zero gravity missions while peering into the void of a massive ship graveyard. Dead Space 3’s visuals make a compelling argument on their own as a game that you simply must play in 2013.

Dead Space 3 Zero Gravity

Dragging On – Phew. A single playthrough of Dead Space 3 can be a lengthy endeavor. While this usually isn’t a problem in my book, Dead Space 3 hits the finish line gasping for air instead of finishing strong. If Visceral would have cut the story around three quarters through, this could have been avoided entirely. There’s just so many “go here, do this” fetch missions in between the juicy bits, that it becomes somewhat boring in the back stretch. It doesn’t help that any backtracking done in Dead Space 3 requires a bunch of loading screens, as each area is gated with a loading door to the next room. Include in this the fact that you’re scouring each room for salvage in an attempt to dodge downloadable content, and Dead Space 3 not only drags at times, it feels like downright work.

Dead Space 3 Prologue

The Verdict:Dead Space 3 is a weird game, especially for someone who has now spent considerable time with the franchise this generation. On the one hand, Visceral Games has blossomed as a developer of one of the best looking third person action style shooters on the market today. Dead Space 3 rivals some of the best games in the business. It’s right there on par with the Uncharted’s of the video game industry, and that’s a great thing for gamers. But as this franchise continues, it gets further and further away from its roots, and that is my major sticking point with Dead Space 3. There’s been a significant trade-off in making this game more accessible, and that trade-off comes at the expense of the scares that previous games provided. With making Dead Space a bigger franchise, Dead Space 3 feels like there was some kind of content or time quota that needed to be reached, and because of that, the single player feels watered down. Cooperative play is a nice fit for games of this type, but at the same time it’s a bad fit for Dead Space (or at least what Dead Space used to be). I don’t think we’re heading back anytime soon either, Dead Space 3 will be successful, but it won’t succeed on the things that made it popular in the past.

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