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HIDIVE’s Summer 2024 Lineup Is Full Of Hot New Series

HIDIVE's summer lineup is burning with new and returning favorites for every anime fan.

HIDIVE has been rapidly growing as an anime streaming platform for quite a few years, steadily boasting an impressive catalogue of shows including cult hits like Call of the Night and mainstream successes like Oshi no Ko.

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As with other services, HIDIVE is ready to start streaming their Summer 2024 lineup, and while we can’t wait to watch some of the obvious heavy-hitters, like Oshi no Ko Season 2, they have plenty of other new shows worth checking out.

Every New Anime Available on HIDIVE During the Summer 2024 Anime Season


Here’s every new anime that HIDIVE will air to kick off the summer anime season:

Oshi no Ko Season 2Produced by Doga KoboAirs on July 3
Plus-sized ElfProduced by EliasAirs on July 6
I Parry EverythingProduced by OLM Team MasudaAirs on July 4
2.5 Dimensional SeductionProduced by J.C. StaffAirs on July 5
Dungeon PeopleProduced by OLMAirs on July 5

While their list of new anime may seem a little short, it’s filled with everything anime fans will need to enjoy this year’s seasonal summer lineup. With the comeback of one of the most sensational anime in the last year, Oshi no Ko, the streaming service has also licensed the hilarious ecchi comedy Plus-sized Elf; a series filled with cute fantasy-inspired girls trying and failing to work out, as well as 2.5 Dimensional Seduction, a romance series focusing on cosplay.

HIDIVE will also be airing a number of new English dubs for series they’ve already aired, such as Helck.

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