10 Must-Play Oculus Quest 2 Multiplayer Games (2022)

Escape from the real world and into the Top 10 Best Oculus Quest 2 Multiplayer games to connect with friends

by Shaun Cichacki


The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the most inexpensive ways to get yourself fully immersed in the budding world of Virtual Reality or VR for short.

Offering expansive single-player content, as well as games to play together with friends, we’ll walk you through our list of the top 10 Oculus Quest 2 Multiplayer games in 2022.

10. Catan VR -$14.99

Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular board games of all time, and with good reason. Its highly addictive gameplay can bring out the competitive nature in anybody, be it your timid significant other, or even your mom and dad. With Catan VR, you’ll be able to take the excitement of the board game on the go with you, with no complicated board to set up.

The best part of it all is that it is Cross-Play compatible, allowing you to play with people who may just be using a Gear VR with their Smartphone, or others that have the Quest 2 or other VR headsets. The game translates extremely well into the VR fashion and allows you to duke it out with friends and family whenever, and wherever.

9. PokerStars VR – Free

PokerStars VR brings the excitement of the world of Poker to your living room by plopping you in the middle of a table against other real-world players looking to showcase their poker skills. As the world is recovering from the effects of COVID, people have taken up new hobbies, and Poker and card games seem to have exploded during this time.

Being able to be surrounded by other people is a comforting feeling, and the competitive nature of the game allows players old and new to experience the high thrills excitement of Poker. Be careful, however, as the game does offer microtransactions which may sometimes cause some issues with those that are a little too immersed in the world. You can’t win any real money here, but the thrills are still felt!

8. Loco Dojo Unleashed – $19.99

If the idea of Virtual Reality Mario Party sounds appealing to you, Loco Dojo Unleashed may be right up your alley. Taking ideas from the massively popular mini-game extravaganza, you’re put in the middle of 16 exciting, and challenging minigames that are going push you to the limits and make you sweat, laugh, and everything in between.

While 16 mini-games doesn’t sound like a lot, doing all of these while in Virtual Reality is a brand new experience, and the possibility of a sequel or downloadable minigames in the future pushes this game to excel. You’d be hard-pressed not to have a grand time while looking completely silly doing any of the mini-games in this collection.

7. Hyper Dash -$19.99

Hyper Dash brings fast and exciting gunplay to the Oculus Quest 2. Shooter games feel right at home on the Oculus Quest 2, so the fact that you’re facing off against live opponents is a thrill hardly matched by most traditional shooter games.

Thrusting yourself into the middle of a fast-paced battlefield against multiple opponents while grinding, jumping, and boosting around the stage is an exciting way to spend an afternoon, and being right in the middle of the action makes this a unique experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

6. Walkabout Minigolf – $14.99

Mini Golf is a very fun pastime that is enjoyed by many people, so the fact that you can strap on a headset and get lost in the world of Walkabout Mini Golf is a great feeling. Not only is it the best mini golf game available in virtual reality, but you’ll also be able to enjoy this game with friends and family.

This ain’t your regular mini-golf, featuring small power-ups, big worlds, and a lot of updates to bring new courses, Walkabout Mini Golf will provide you with hours and hours of fun, and offers great physics to go along with your fun times. Even if you don’t have anyone to play against, this is a great solo time, as well!

5. After The Fall VR – $39.99

What if Valves popular Left 4 Dead made its way to VR? While that’s unlikely, After The Fall fills the void of a monstrous time, throwing you smack dab in the middle of rooms overpopulated by powerful enemies. You’re armed with weapons, and your main goal is to traverse and survive, and with friends, it feels like you’re starring in a big-budget zombie thriller in a way that a flat game could never make you feel.

While it is the most expensive game on the list, it’s also one of the most graphically impressive, featuring large amounts of detailed enemies, big environments, and great effects, making every shot felt and every experience memorable.

4. Dash Dash World – $24.99

Blasting and driving your way through exotic and colorful worlds, Dash Dash Racing is an exhilarating time, be it solo or with friends. Zooming through crazy courses that evoke memories of everyone’s favorite plumber, you’ll find yourself driving, drifting, and blasting opponents away in this fast past kart game.

What makes this stand out from the crowd is an appealing art style and weapons that you’re able to control, rather than just pressing a button to throw. You’ll aim and let your opponents feel your wrath as you make your way towards the finish line.

3. ForeVR Bowl – $19.99

ForeVR Bowl is like your favorite pastime on steroids. Gone is the simple idea of letting a heavy ball zoom down the lane to knock down your pins at the end of your lane, you’ll be wondering why you can’t summon lightning bolts if you ever take your headset off and go bowling in real life ever again.

Exciting shouldn’t be a great way to describe a bowling game, but you’ll find yourself in a plethora of exciting scenarios while trying to get that perfect 300 game. Bringing friends into the mix only intensifies the insanity, and makes this a must-play for anyone with an Oculus Quest 2. Taking advantage of the microphones inside of the Quest 2, you’ll be able to smack talk your friends about who the best bowler is and take those grudge matches to a new level.

2. Demeo – $29.99

Want to get the gang together for an epic Dungeons and Dragons session, but can’t find the time or place to do it? Demeo is here to help you out, offering an expansive, customizable tabletop dungeon crawling experience that will make tabletop fans drool.

Taking a page out of the D&D Handbook, you’ll be able to create, explore, and commander your warriors through a variety of different scenarios, making this one of the most unique, fun, and exciting games currently available on the Oculus Quest 2. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another game as fun as this on the system.

1. Rec Room – Free

Rec Room is not so much a game, but more of an experience. Do you want to find time to get the old gang together, but can’t find time in your busy lives to do it? Create your avatar and visit the world of Rec Room, where you’ll be able to all reconnect over a plethora of different ideas.

You’ll be able to play games, drive vehicles, role play, and so much more in this experience, and it’s something that you cannot even try to comprehend until you try it. After experiencing the enjoyment of Rec Room and everything it has to offer, you may be hard-pressed to download any other game, as there is just so much stuff to do!

Honorable Mention – Gorilla Tag – Free

Gorilla Tag almost took the top spot on this list, no joke. Is it ugly? Yes. Is the idea of this game insane? Also yes. But it’s some of the most fun that you’ll have on the system, while you return to monkey from humanity.

The premise of the game is incredibly simple: you are a monkey. That’s it. You’re playing a game of tag as a monkey, and you control everything with your arms, as you flail your way to victory. You’re able to traverse trees, jump, bound to the top with strategic slaps of the wall as you play the most insane game of tag in your life, and it’s an experience that is intensified with friends. You’ll be hard-pressed to sweat and laugh more during another game as you do with Gorilla Tag.


This is our list of the Top 10 Multiplayer games currently available on the Oculus Quest 2! No matter what you choose, you’ll have a great time with friends, family, or in some cases, even by yourself. With games like Rec Room, you’ll have a chance to increase your friends’ list while navigating its expansive world, as well!

Oculus Quest 2 and all games on this list are available now.

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