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10 Things Red Dead Online Needs to Make it Better

Red Dead Online might be fun, but there is a lot of room for improvement

by Davi Braid


Red Dead Redemption might be a beloved franchise, but the online version is far from being Rockstar Games’ greatest achievement. The game might be fun, but there are many things it needs to be really good. With a few tweaks and additions, it could become one of the richest online experiences out there. Therefore, we have here a list of 10 Things Red Dead Online Needs to Make it Better:

Improved Stealth Mechanics


Although the missions allow you to try going stealth, it is very easy to get caught. As a consequence, pretty much every mission in the game is about shooting everything that moves. That makes many of the quests feel the same, causing dissatisfaction in many players who are looking for something different.

Different Kinds Of Mission


There isn’t a lot of creativity in how missions play out in Red Dead Online. Although much of that is about how everything ends with many bullets flying, there is also an evident lack of creativity when it comes to delivering something original to the players. For instance, we do not have enough duels, fistfights, and stealth-focused missions.

More Cosmetics


Because there is never enough. Having more ways to express yourself only adds to the game. Cosmetics are not a bad thing, as long as they are not the only thing that developers are willing to add. Also, we all would love outfits based on famous western movies.

More Regions To Explore


A map expansion is expected in Online Multiplayer Games. More locations, more missions, new content, and exciting new things to do in different cities, biomes, or whatever the developers can think of. New elements to the gameplay keep players invested.

Heavy Punishment For Cheaters


Seems this still is a problem in the game. Although we know that Rockstar does not like cheaters, we see them way too often for such a huge franchise. A harsher punishment might put an end to it.

New Mechanics


Generally speaking, new is always good. New missions could add new mechanics that would end up making the whole game more fun to its dedicated player base. Even the first Red Dead Redemption had an interesting duel mechanic that could be added to this game.


It would be fun to know that certain cities are owned by a group of players. Or maybe at least a bar. Having different properties belonging to players could be a reward for achieving something really difficult or for having more money than everybody else in the region. Either way, it would be a fun extra element.


More Stability

The online version of the game still needs a bunch of bug fixes and patches. We are all way too familiar with the many issues players face to play this game online, from error codes to connectivity. Although it might not affect every player, it does cause enough problems to be addressed.


Complex Heists

GTA V is also a Rockstar game, and its heists are far superior to the ones in Red Dead Online. Although the western game cannot use the same things that make GTA V’s heists fun, it can undoubtedly make a heist complex in its own way. Maybe by making it have multiple phases, with a better stealth mechanic, and being a bit creative with surrounding locations, Rockstar Games could make heists super fun in this game too.


Quality Of Life Changes

The fact that a posse must have a leader to accept a mission is a bit annoying. So is the fact that not all posse members can see waypoints. There are many things that could make the whole experience with Red Dead Online better by receiving a minor tweak that should have already happened by now.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2021

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