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Batman vs Superman Fights Before Dawn of Justice

by Damian Seeto


While we wait for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to come out next year, here are some other Batman vs Superman fights you can look at.

Batman vs Superman has occurred several times in animated TV shows, comic books and even video games. Here is just a small taste of my favorite Batman vs Superman fights.

Batman vs Superman: The Dark Knight Returns

This is probably the most famous Batman vs Superman fight. Originally a graphic novel, it was most recently turned into a two-part animated movie. Here, Superman is like a Government tool and Batman doesn’t want to get taken into custody. The fight is a bloody and brutal one. Not to mention Batman has his metal suit and also gets help from the Green Arrow. Superman fans may not like how the character is portrayed in this graphic novel, but you cannot deny it is an awesome fight.

Batman vs Superman: Brave and the Bold

Batman had to fight Superman in the Brave and the Bold cartoon series. In this series, Superman has been exposed to red kryptonite and has been acting like a douche. The effects of the red kryptonite wears off in 24 hours. Batman has to fight Superman until its effects wear off. The fight pays homage to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns as Batman is in metal armor. Also, Superdog is a part of this fight too.

Batman vs Superman: Justice League War

While Superman fans may not like how the character is portrayed in The Dark Knight Returns, they will like this Batman vs Superman fight in Justice League War. This is probably the most “accurate” fight between the two characters as Batman is actually human and Superman is too powerful for him. No matter what gadgets Batman throws, Superman is unfazed. Green Lantern is a part of this fight too.

Batman vs Superman: Batman Hush

Batman: Hush is a Batman comic book series that ran between 2002 until 2003. The actual Batman and Superman fight is not the main focus from the comic, but both characters are in their peak physical form. Superman is under mind control of Poison Ivy and Batman has to make him snap out of it. The illustrations in this fight are pretty amazing. The video below lets you read the actual comic where Batman fights Superman.

Batman vs Superman: Injustice Music Video

Okay, this is not an actual physical fight but I thought I’d lighten up the mood with this. The Warp Zone made a pretty neat music video on YouTube with Batman and Superman having a sing off

Anyway, this is just a couple of times that Batman had to face off against Superman. It will be interesting to see what Zack Snyder and company comes up with when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases next year. Who do you want to win?

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