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It hasn’t been the best kept secret in the world, but there’s a new Battlefield game coming from Electronic Arts and its returning to a modern setting with Battlefield 2042.  We recently got a chance to take a deep dive into Battlefield 2042 in a hands-off capacity, taking away a bevy of details relayed in a presentation from DICE.  If you’re looking for all the details regarding what to expect from Battlefield 2042, you’re in the right place.  This is everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042, which is launching on October 22nd for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC across both generations of consoles and multiple PC storefronts.

The Setting

In Battlefield 2042 the world is in crisis.  Nations are failing due to shortages of resources like food, water, and energy.  While all of the details are uncertain at this point, this crisis introduces Non-Patriated fighters to the battlefield who choose sides as the United States and Russia draw the world into war.  These “No-Pats” are not your standard soldiers and have a variety of different abilities and looks and are called Specialists.

What Are Specialists

Classes in the Battlefield have long been a staple of the series, but in Battlefield 2042 players will choose specialists instead.  Specialists are said to be inspired by the traditional four classes in the Battlefield series, but they are equipped with their own unique Specialist Trait and Specialty.  Along with these two things, the specialist has a fully customizable loadout and the ability to use any gun.  We got a chance to see 4 Specialists during our preview, but DICE says that the game will launch with 10 with more to come down the line.


  • Wikus “Casper” Van Daele
  • Class: Recon
  • Specialty: OV-P Recon Drone
  • Trait: Movement Sensor


  • Webster Mackay
  • Class: Assault
  • Specialty: Grappling Hook
  • Trait: Nimble


  • Maria Falck
  • Class: Support
  • Specialty: S21 Syrette Pistol
  • Trait: Combat Surgeon


  • Pyotr” Boris” Guskovsky
  • Class: Engineer
  • Specialty: SG-36 Sentry Gun
  • Trait: Sentry Operator

As you can see from these Specialists, there are going to be some new tools to play with in Battlefield 2042.  Namely, a grappling hook, sentry gun, and more.  There seems to be quite a lot of new toys to play with on the Battlefield.

Battlefield 2042 Multiplayer Modes

In Battlefield 2042 there will be multiple multiplayer modes to play.  DICE broke this into a few different categories, with one remaining unannounced.  They said numerous times that there was no plans for a Battle Royale.  Take that for what it’s worth, which is probably not much considering I think we’ve been down that road before.  However, what they did show seemed pretty familiar and they aren’t straying too far away from the core roots of the franchise.

The first segment of multiplayer they called “All Out Warfare” and these were fan-favorite modes like Conquest and Breakthrough on the biggest maps that the franchise has seen.  On some platforms the player counts will be up to 128 players.

  • Conquest
  • Breakthrough
  • Hazard Zone
  • Mystery Mode

DICE stressed that these maps are the biggest that the franchise has ever seen, and that battles will be taking place in such a way where there would be big and small battles breaking out across the battlefield given the size of the maps.  DICE says that they have really focused on the sandbox elements of these maps, and this includes all the things that you’ve come to love from the series with it’s vehicle and on-foot gameplay, as well as the dynamic levolution events from the previous games.  A new element added to the mix is Dynamic Weather Events, one that we saw was a tornado that ripped through the battlefield, offering emergent gameplay moments.

Battlefield 2042 Player Count

The elephant in the room is still the next generation consoles vs. old gen, but we’ve been down this road before with the Battlefield series.  Conquest and Breakthrough will be available to play with 128 players on the newer consoles and PC, while players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be at 64.  The maps will be optimized for the player count, and this is exactly what DICE has done in the past.

Battlefield 2042 Maps

As it pertains to the “All out Warfare” section of multiplayer, there are going to be 7 maps at launch for Battlefield 2042.  The details of which you can find below.  We didn’t get a chance to see all of the levolution or real time events, but what we did see was some variety.  From the aforementioned tornado that popped up on the map, to giant sandstorms in Kaleidoscope or even the rocket launch on Orbital, there seems like plenty of cool stuff to take place during any given match in Battlefield 2042.


Kaleidoscope – set in Sogdo, South Korea. Forces here will
clash to control a quantum powered disinformation hub
after an attack threatens the global network.


Manifest – set in Brani Island, Singapore. Players will see
a strategic flashpoint emerge as global trade chokes this
location which is vital for the American supply lines.


Orbital – set in Kourou, French Guiana. The battle here is
over a rocket launch site as a controversial space launch
becomes a race against time.


Discarded – set in Alang, India. Here you see shipbreakers
facing tidal extremes as factions fight to secure rogue
nuclear assets.


Renewal – set in the Eastern Desert, Egypt. Players will
fight for a groundbreaking agriculture technology centre in
the Egyptian Desert.


Hourglass – set in Doha, Qatar – Shifting sands and a lost
shipping convoy tear a city center apart.


Breakaway – set in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.
Struggle over oil and gas that pushes soldiers to the brink
as an industry clashes with nature and ice gives

Battlefield 2042 Customization

Battlefield 2042 is going to have a ton of customization.  The Specialists are going to be completely customizable in terms of loadouts to go alongside their specialties and traits, but there’s also going to be something called the Plus system.  This allows players to customize weapons in real-time to adjust for different situations.  That means you can change things like scope, barrel, ammunition, etc.

Live Service Seasons

It also wouldn’t be a modern multiplayer game without a Battle Pass.  DICE did confirm that the game will have a Battle Pass and it will also have seasons.  This will be offered as free content and premium content, probably set-up similarly to other shooters or live service games.  DICE revealed that each season will push the narrative forward, while also delivering new content like maps, specialists, and more.  The finer points like pricing wasn’t revealed, but there will be four seasons in the first year of the game.  All of the new locations/maps added during the new Seasons will not be locked behind the Battle Pass and instead will be accessible by all players.

Battlefield 2042 Beta How to Play Early

Leading up to the release date for Battlefield 2042 there are going to be multiple tests taking place.  In early July there is going to be what is being described as a “Technical Playtest”.  This is going to be a closed environment, invite-only event that DICE says they will extend to “Battlefield Veterans”.  What exactly qualifies you for this is unclear.  This test will be under NDA and will focus on technical performance and stability of the game as it prepares to launch later this year.  If you aren’t selected for this exclusive hands-on in July, if you pre-order Battlefield 2042 you will receive early access to an open beta.  Exact dates have not been disclosed regarding the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

October 22nd, 2021 on the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam, Epic Game Store, and Origin.

Battlefield 2042 HD Screenshots








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