12 Best Castlevania Games Ranked

Are you a Castlevania fanatic looking for the best games in the series?

by Gordon Bicker

Castlevania is a franchise that always continues to be a topic of utmost importance in the stratosphere of the games industry. Time and time again fans are always on the hunt for the game that will equal the series in terms of its gameplay and theming. Experiences such as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has succeeded in this regard and forged its own unique path. However, Castlevania fanatics tend to still revisit their favorite games from the past and sometimes it can take time to rank the best games in the series. This article will take you through the best Castlevania games ranked and act as a handy list to have whenever you want to go and play a thrilling experience.

Best Castlevania Games of All Time Ranked

12. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance


Starting off the list strong we have Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, this game will allow you to play as Juste Belmont who is the descendant of the very well-known Simon Belmont throughout some of the games in the series. If you are looking for a refresher on what makes Castlevania so great, this is certainly a great place to start with that.

11. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2


Next up on the list is Lords of Shadow 2, there is always such a divine bliss about experiencing a Castlevania game that is modern in terms of its mechanics and visuals. This is the sequel to the aptly named Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and we think that the sequel still deserves a place on this list of the best Castlevania games ever created. Don’t let those blood-red hues await your presence too long, be sure to check this game out when you have the time if you like the look of it.

10. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon


Even though this game wasn’t received by everyone in the exact same light, it still has a lot of great mechanics and level design that shouldn’t be overlooked. Circle of the Moon excels at skyrocketing the Castlevania franchise even further and it is always a joy to look at the art style of the time and see it evolve over the years.

9. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


Boss design in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow certainly hits the mark on many fronts. There is a stunning amount of them and no matter what the outcome of those fights you will always be able to appreciate the great settings nestled throughout the game. This is another of the Castlevania titles that are absolutely worth checking out if you haven’t had the chance to yet or even if you’re just looking for a revisit.

8. Super Castlevania IV


The SNES had an incredible array of games on offer to play through and create opinions based on those experiences. Oftentimes they live on in the mind even after the credits of the game roll and it is for these reasons and more that Super Castlevania IV gets a place on the list.

7. Castlevania: Bloodlines


Overlooked gems such as Castlevania: Bloodlines are found throughout the game catalogs and there is once again a brilliant art style to look back on. Furthermore, this installment was for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the soundtrack can be commended for the rest of time on how effective it was at conveying various environments. Sound design is something that unfortunately, at times could be overlooked by players but the soundtrack of Bloodlines is always one to listen to again.

6. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood


Rondo of Blood is one of the Castlevania games that is known by an immense number of people. There is of course a reason for this and that is the success of the experience. This is a game that has been talked about for decades at this point and it is no wonder why. Impressive gameplay tied in with the Castlevania experience fans know and love, it is an instant purchase in many people’s books.

5. Castlevania: Lament of Innocence


We decided to place Lament of Innocence higher up on our list for many reasons. Even though some may say that Rondo of Blood deserves a place above Lament, we think that this title ushered in the modern-day age of Castlevania games even more and it truly is a brilliant experience to play through. When dealing with one of the most successful game franchises in history it is no surprise that the ranking of games can be very opinionated among players.

4. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


Up next is the first Lords of Shadow game which was released in 2010, a golden age for many game series which were starting to get their modern footing even more before the next generation consoles brought an even further layer of enhancement in regards to graphics. At its time, Lords of Shadow was an impressive feat in design and graphics and it still is to this very day.

3. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


Aria of Sorrow is another title that many fans will likely reminisce about thanks to the game’s sheer beauty seen throughout all parts of its creation. Whether it’s the level design, the soundtrack, or the lore intertwining throughout the world, there is always something excellent to be found. Embrace this game in your to-play catalog this year and be sure to give it a go if you enjoy trying some of the older games out again or for the first time.

2. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia


Order of Ecclesia deserved an extremely high place on the list and it is a game in the franchise which deserved even more discussion around. Over the years players have been noticing the true value of this game and just how great it was. While playing the game you play as the heroine Shanoa who we think needs even more games with her as the protagonist. At just 20 years old, she sure knows how to pack a lot of punch toward her enemies and it is a joy playing through her journey.

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


It will not surprise many that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night takes the top spot on our list of the best Castlevania games. This is a stellar experience all around and it is the pinnacle of design in terms of Metroidvania-style game design. Echoing across generations, the symphonies of this installment carry ever-onward.

There are plenty of brilliant games to choose from in the list and no matter which you choose you are practically guaranteed an excellent Castlevania experience. Whether you had played through the Castlevania Anniversary Collection recently or not, it is definitely worth checking out Order of Ecclesia as in our view it is another gem in the series.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023