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Best Free PC Games List

Enjoy countless gaming hours with these awesome and free PC games


When you search for any available and free PC games at any given time, it is without saying that some very familiar names will appear. While the market is rather packed with lots and lots of free PC games that are quite unique and interesting, only a handful can keep your attention for a good while. Therefore, we can’t really blame someone for the current situation, since those games are indeed very good. A free game often implies lack of budget, but this is not the case with what we are going to present you here. These PC games are the best you can find for free, because they are actually projects that have a lot of time spent from the devs to them, and a huge community as well which invests on making these titles even greater. Let’s take a look below, and find out which free PC games made the cut and got into our list.

Best Free to Play PC games

Free to Play Games have been around for quite a few years now and they are fan favorites due to not only being free, but because they are also capable of offering huge amounts of quality gametime. This is quite a feat considering the era we live in and the abundance of AAA titles for multiple platforms, alongside the approachable digital market with tons of discounts and bonus keys on a daily basis. They are usually easy to get in and it is even easier to spend hundreds of hours with them without even realizing it. Especially when lots of the available and free PC games are competitive in nature and require a good while to actually get good at them.

Before we jump into the list itself, we need to mention that the order in which these games are placed, is completely random. There is some good variety of genres here, so it’s not possible to treat one better than another, as they are completely different experiences. And yes, some popular franchises will be included since we can’t deny the fact of how polished some entries here are.


Path of Exile

The unfortunate comparison to Diablo is a given with Path of Exile, Diablo II to be more specific, as it literally takes everything that Diablo did well and multiplies it by tenfold. Some even argue that it is the true sequel to the beloved action-RPG and you can experience everything the game has to offer, completely for free. There is nothing you can buy that will speed up your progress, and most of the purchased content is for cosmetics only. There are a couple quality of life features you can get, like increasing your storage capacity, but it barely makes any difference in the long run and it for sure doesn’t bring you to a higher rank than any other player in Path of Exile. Truly one of the best free games to try out, but be prepared as the game does have a rather large learning curve.



The MOBA genre once dominated the free PC games field, although that time is far gone with lots of other genres joining the battle. That said, the three juggernauts, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends are still some of the most popular video games ever created, with gigantic official tournaments that reward competitors and winners with millions. Which of the three to pick is solely based on your preference as every single one of them is on the same level and offer unique features for any kind of player out there. The best you can do is to try all of them and see which one draws you the most.


Genshin Impact

The gatcha game that made a huge impact, oddly enough, to the Western side of the world is a great pick for those that like grand adventures. An action-RPG at its core, Genshin Impact includes a combination of game elements. There is the huge open-world you can explore, lots of dungeons and challenges to tackle, and of course, the infamous gatcha system which can be tremendously addicting. You can gather unique heroes, lots of different weapons and other goodies which you can use on your journey and a whole lot more. While the game is completely free, certain paid content could prove very helpful as you progress more into the game, so if you are planning on investing a good amount of playtime in the game, it is very likely you will be urged to spend some real money.


Apex Legends

The Battle Royale genre is a niche one and without a doubt the most competitive out there, and Apex Legends is comfortably sitting at the top alongside its fellow competitors. It’s hard to believe that an FPS this polished is completely free to play, hence why it can’t be skipped in this list. You pick the hero (Legend) you want to use, you jump into various modes in small teams and you try to be the last one standing. It is simple enough, but the complexity of every character and weapons is what makes this title truly shine.


Killer Instinct

For our fellow fighting games fans, we got you covered. While it may be rather old by now, Killer Instinct remains one of the best fighting experiences out there. It may have started with a price tag on it, but since then the newest entry in the popular series utilized the Free to Play model and keeps having a very healthy playerbase since then. That said, not everything is free right from the get-go in Killer Instinct. There is a weekly rotation of available characters to choose from, but if you want a specific one permanently unlocked, you will need to pay for the specific character or buy the entire game. There is a good amount of content even for single player modes, so buying the whole package is not a bad choice, if you like fast-paced fighting games. Not to mention how awesome the roster is, which remains still in this day one of the most diverse among the fighting games genre.


Starcraft II

Another once Pay to Play game, Blizzard’s famous RTS hit the Free to Play model a couple of years ago. There is literally no other modern strategy that can rival this game’s deep mechanics and complexity, so just being able to play it entirely for free, is worth a short clap. Highly recommended if you are fan of the genre.



If you are not willing to spend money on Monster Hunter but you really want to experience some monster hunting, Dauntless is exactly the game for you. It takes most of the elements of the popular action-RPG and throws in some unique features of its own. To be honest, the free title may not be as deep or polished as Monster Hunter, but it gets the job done and has a very committed playerbase.


Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

Hours ago, the title of this game was just Phantasy Star Online 2. However, the new entry in the massive Eastern franchise, is readying up for launch as we speak, hence why the New Genesis part. This makes it the newest addition of free PC games in this list, and one of the better experiences as well. A mixture of an MMO with elements of RPGs and dungeon crawlers, PSO2 New Genesis is a game where you will spend dozens of hours, and you will have barely scratched the surface of what the game has to offer. Constantly updated with new content, everyone should try this sci-fi adventure if they just want to immerse themselves in a fantastic world. And remember, fashion-hunting is the true end-game.


Idle Games

A genre that got popular not too long ago, Idle games are for those that want to have a game running on the side and micro manage their accounts every once in a while. There are hundreds of them out there, so it would be extremely hard to mention just one or two. The best you can do is to keep track of the ones that look the most attractive to you, and jump in for a ride. Most of them are usually completely free, however they tend to be money-hungry as you progress further.



A Smash Bros clone, Brawlhalla achieves to do more than that. While the gameplay is similar, Brawlhalla has its own perks and a huge roster of characters and skins. Additionally, the team very often collaborates with other popular franchises (like The Walking Dead), offering new content constantly.


Destiny 2

Not much can be said about the popular Bungie FPS. Quite controversial though, as Destiny 2 has an equal amount of haters and fans. That said, since it has become a free game over the years, there is no reason to not jump into it and see for yourself what this AAA title has to offer. Even with its flaws, no one can deny that Destiny 2 is indeed a great experience and one of the most polished in this list.



A free PC games list without Warframe, would render the whole article invalid. It’s easy with Warframe, you are in space and you kill things. Over, and over again. The amount of content this game has is enormous, and while this is great, it can end up as a flaw. Warframe has so much content in it, cultivated in the many years the game is active, that can easily push away some new players. It is not a beginner-friendly title, and without a wiki to understand everything the game offers, it will be hard to understand what is going on, about pretty much everything. That said, if you are willing to invest some time, you are in for a treat as the overall game experience and loop, are fantastic.



Did you think we’d miss this one? Of course not. Fortnite is either hated or loved, never something in between. Whatever the case may be though, it is impossible to not include it in our list, as it is a title with lots of care put into it and the amount of crossovers it has is reason enough to keep playing it. The definitive Battle Royale for most players out there, Fortnite is a must-have experience, for at least once in your lifetime. If you end up a true fan, it is not our fault.



As most people claim, the free alternative to Overwatch. And that pretty much describes the whole game. It has its own unique flair for sure, and there is a reason to keep playing both games, but the resemblance is just too big to ignore. A great team-based FPS, easy to get in and start enjoying.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Originally only available through mobile devices, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links launched on Steam as well with great success. It is a modified version of the original card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!, with a faster playstyle and exclusive features like Player Skills. The rules however are the same, so don’t worry and think the game is something entirely different than the original, as it is not. In fact, all Cards have the same effects as in the main TCG, so if you are fan, you need to try this out. After spending hundreds of hours into it, I can tell you without a doubt that it is worth it. The devs constantly update the game with more content, and both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game are equal to those of AAA games, with extremely active communities.



The self-claimed WoW killer, Rift may have lost a lot of its player base during the past years, but it still remains as one of the best free PC MMOs out there. It could be due to originally being a Pay to Play game, hence why it is so polished. Whatever the case Rift is still a solid experience for those that want a new multiplayer adventure.



Hearthstone is one of those games that you can sit and play for hours, or for just a single match or two. Blizzard’s successful digital TCG is a completely free to play experience, although it is almost certain you will spend some money eventually. It simply has too much stuff thrown out to you as paid content, so you can’t ignore it. That said, it is actually not a bad thing as in this way, players can keep supporting the devs in order to keep the state of the game as polished as it is. The game itself is really fun with deep mechanics too, so you can’t go wrong even if you do end up buying some things. It is completely free though, so even if you don’t, the game is equally enjoyable.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Another MMO that was originally a bought product, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a truly magnificent adventure. However, here is the thing with this one. Or in fact two things. One, it has a lot of locked content behind a paywall. It can be ignored for the most part, but you will soon realize that if you want to spend time with this MMO, it’s best to use the monthly subscription it has. And two, the game feels mostly like a single-player adventure, which is oddly enough not a bad thing. The story is absolutely great, and while it lacks in some fields, the world and environments are undeniably able to draw you into this huge universe. Not to mention the great music and multitude of nods the game constantly throws at you, making it a charming role-playing adventure. The end-game is also packed with content, so if you want a more relaxed but still great MMO experience, log in right now.



Easily the oldest and most outdated game in this list, graphically speaking, however it is possible it is one of the greatest experiences in here. Runescape is old, indeed. That doesn’t make it less good though, on what it has to offer. A player-based economy, thousands of quests and challenges to do, one of the best gaming communities you can find, a wiki so detailed that it could be an entire encyclopedia and a create-your-own playstyle. If you can ignore the game’s outdated graphics, the substance is something like no other. There are two versions of Runescape, with one literally being called Old School Runescape. Both of them are essentially the same game, but the mainline Runescape has better graphics and some fresh features. Pick your poison and start your grand adventure.


War Thunder

A niche war game for those that love controlling combat aircrafts, tanks and battleships. The goal is simple, ride your vehicle of choice and try to eliminate anyone who stands in your way. The battles are being held in a very grand scale, truly immersing someone to its realistic world, and the game itself gathered a lot of attention with numerous updates and a team that constantly provides improvements based on players’ feedback and in-game data.

Honorable mentions

  • Albion Online – Action RPG with focus on PvP and player-based economy
  • Shadowverse – TCG similar to Hearthstone with an evolution mechanic
  • Valorant – Riot’s answer to Overwatch
  • Team Fortress 2 – Team-based FPS with one of the biggest Steam communities out there
  • Unturned – Pixel-based survival game
  • SMITE – A different take of the MOBA genre
  • Trove – Pixel-based Sandbox with emphasis on numerous character classes, combat and random loot

This concludes our best free PC games list. With so many good free games out there, it is hard to limit the options to just a few and it goes without saying that someone’s favorite won’t make the cut in here. I for example love MapleStory and Tree of Savior, two entries that didn’t make it, due to not being able to provide such a good time as the ones mentioned above. That said, everything in here is a solid choice for someone to jump into, and offer the best gaming experience you can find, free of charge. It is suggested to give all of them a try, see what you fancy the most, and since you don’t need to pay anything, there is no excuse other than you, not having the time to do so. Whatever your pick may be, hit that install button and go have fun!


- This article was updated on:June 9th, 2021

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