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A Few of the Best NES Games Not Included With The Classic Edition

by Raymond Garcia


The NES Classic Edition is a highly sought after item even after this past holiday season. While many people were able to get a hold of the system a good deal more were unable to purchase or find one. Doomed to brave the re-sellers charging upwards of $500 for an item that is supposed to retail at $60 or wait until Nintendo (fully capable of meeting a much higher demand) stop pushing an artificial market of scarcity and get on the ball, start sending out more of these systems. Both prospects seem like hard sells, for the first scenario people like making money and as long as re-sellers can sell an item for more they will, the second scenario is probably more likely considering their past. Nintendo has seen fit to re-release certain rare Amiibos in the past in droves ruining the “value” of many hard to find Amiibo. Increasing the likelihood of a large release of the currently hard to find Classics in the future. It is very hard to predict what Nintendo who traditionally play their cards very close to their chest might do in the near future.

NES Classic is here and it includes an eclectic list of games that run the gamut from actual classic to decent. With 30 to choose from currently it must have proved extremely difficult to pare down the field of included games while creating the machine. Most people seem pretty happy with the selection Nintendo has seen fit to throw in, however the NES library has an extremely large eclectic list of games full of hidden gems, personal favorites, and surprising hits. With that in mind we want to present to you a few games that should have made it into the NES Classic Edition but did not.

  •  Battletoads

    Intitally released in 1991 and created by Rare Battletoads heroes Rash, Pimple, and Zitz are anthropomorphic toads created at the height of Ninja Turtle popularity. Rare managed to create an original arcade like experience on the Nintendo Entertainment System, throwing in varied obstacles and levels including rappelling, racing vehicles, and various other stunts and activities you might not find in many other brawlers at the time. The games comical sensibilities combined with the ability to play 2 players can ease the brutal difficulty while you and a friend battle your way to the Dark Queen. Being considered one of the hardest games of all time has not stopped Battletoads from becoming a highly sought after game that is definitely considered a classic.

  • DuckTales:

    Released in 1990 for most territories DuckTales was created by another heavy hitting company who is still around today, Capcom. Built on the Mega Man architecture it is highly praised for it’s precision platforming and good game design. Unique for it’s time was the ability to choose the order in which you complete the levels, a system not yet used in many titles. You take on the role of Scrooge McDuck as as he travels around the world in search of five treasures to further increase his fortune. With five decent sized levels and an awesome soundtrack DuckTales deserves a spot on the shelf of any respectable NES collector.

  • M.C. Kids:

    Arguably on of the greatest licensed product games of all time. Released in 1992 and developed by Virgin Interactive M.C. Kids is a McDonalds tie in game. Your goal in the each of seven worlds is to collect a card from each of the levels in order to move on. This game differentiates itself by allowing the player to revisit levels allowing them to find secrets and collect extra lives at will. The controls can feel slightly slippery at first but eventually allow one to fall into a comfortable “Mario” like level of confidence in your movements and jumps. Largely ignored when it was released despite having large worlds with multiple levels and a decent amount of challenge M.C. Kids is one game that probably just barely missed the cut.

  • Gargoyle Quest II: The Demon Darkness

    Technically a prequel to the original Capcom Gameboy title Gargoyle Quest II was released in 1992. You take on the role of Firebrand who sets off on a journey to unravel the mystery of the Black Light. This game is somewhat slower paced when compared to many other platformers but despite that includes wall jumping, climbing, hovering, and a number of different magical attacks, all keeping things refreshing and interesting. The graphics are impressive and have some large sprites for an NES title. There are plenty of boss fights to keep you busy and some precise platforming to deal with. Gargoyle Quest II is a tad bit short overall, but for an NES title it is quite impressive.

So there you have it a few games that could have made it into the NES Classic Edition but did not. I’m sure there are many others not on this list that people would have loved to see. Let us know in the comments below what games YOU think should be included in a NES Classic Edition!

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017