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Best Vehicles for GTA Online

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Even though GTA Online came almost 9 years ago as an online section of Grand Theft Auto 5, fans are still playing it, and Rockstar releases new items, patches, and updates on a monthly basis. GTA Online is mostly known for its mad worlds where everyone tries to kill one another if they are not busy taking heists. A big portion of survival and winning depends on your vehicle of choice. Here is the list of best vehicles you can find in GTA Online.

Insurgent Pick-Up Custom


This off-road vehicle has light armor and a mounted machine gun on top of it, which makes it perfect for taking heists or simply roaming in the city. It is not very fast as you might have guessed, but its armor and mounted can save your life on many occasions. This $2,000,000 armored vehicle is highly customizable which gives you the option of making it lighter for speed or heaver for protection. In either case, Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is one of the best vehicles in GTA Online.

Sea Sparrow


The Sea Sparrow is the better version of Sparrow for many reasons. One of the obvious ones is that you can land on water as well but apart from that, the maneuvering and controlling of Sea Sparrow in tight spaces are much better than its predecessor. Although it doesn’t have heavy armor which makes it vulnerable its agility and soft controlling mechanisms make Sea Sparrow a perfect vehicle for flying in the Lost Santos.

Dewbauchee Vagner


This hypercar inspired by Aston Martin Valkyrie is one of the fastest cars in GTA Online. It is one of the best vehicles you can choose for racing and also fleeing from one place to another. Like every other sports car in GTA, this car is also highly modifiable and you can turn it into something schick and sharp.

Mobile Operations Center


Mobile Operations Center is also known as MOC is a heavily armored truck that can be quite useful in many ways. You can use this truck to upgrade weapons or modify vehicles, but MOC has more capability than that. Detaching the cap from the front is something you should always consider when driving Mobile Operations Center. The cap is surprisingly fast and its armor gives you the advantage of taking up to fifteen rockets.

Pegassi Oppressor MK II Hoverbike


Oppressor MK II is a hoverbike that can fly above the ground and gives you the advantage of hovering in unexpected directions. Although the steering and controlling might take a little time, once you got the hang of it, you won’t stop using it. Thanks to its rocket-powered jet, it is one of the faster bikes you can find in GTA Online that you can add some weapon to it and turn it into a vehicle of destruction.

Grotti X80 Proto


This Ferrari F80 and Lamborghini Veneno-inspired hypercar is one of the most elegant and fastest vehicles on GTA Online. If you are looking for a futuristic speedster for races in GTA Online, you can buy X80 Proto for the standard price of $2,700,000.



Unlike Sea Sparrow, Akula is a stealth helicopter with heavy armor and tons of weapons that is suitable for fighting situations. This helicopter has stealth ability that prevents players from tracking it and the only way of noticing is by seeing it with eyes. Since it cannot be tracked, it is also a good option for flying in the city and going from one place to another without causing any disaster.

Pegassi Zentorno


Zentorno is one the oldest sports car in GTA Online but its elegant style and powerful engine made it a fan favorite. This Lamborghini Veneno-inspired hypercar has decent control even at the highest speeds. It is also highly modifiable that gives the player the opportunity to make their dream car.

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