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Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Should Include These Ten Classics

by William Schwartz


We don’t know much about Destiny 2.  A worldwide reveal left fans salivating for more details about the game, but we do know that there’s going to be more focus on story this time around, it will include multiple expansions, it’s coming to PC, and it’s coming out in September of this year.

We do know that the Guardians that you worked so hard to level over the past few years are going to be wiped and you’re going to have to start anew.  All those strange coins you saved up for Xur’s weekly visits to sell exotic weapons and armor, all those gold globes you picked up along your journeys.

One thing is for sure though, Destiny had a lot of weapons in it, and some really great Exotic weapons to collect that had unique abilities to compliment specific playstyles.  Will Bungie bring back Exotic Weapons from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2?  I don’t think they’ve answered that burning question just yet, but if they do plan on it, here are our top 10 Exotic Weapons from Destiny that we’d like to see back in Destiny 2.

These are personal opinions, if you have favorites that you think should be included IF Bungie decides to bring back any Exotic weapons from the original Destiny, let us know in the comments section below.



Thorn was one of the most popular Exotic Primary Weapons (Hand Cannon) in both PvP and PvE in three years of Destiny. Like other exotics, Thorn had some very unique properties, like causing kinetic damage to enemies, fire piercing shots that caused lingering damage over time, and the final round in a magazine dealt bonus damage.  It didn’t hurt that it was also a very cool looking hand cannon and prior to a nerf was a really effective PvP weapon.  Later on in Destiny, Thorn could become even more powerful by infusing the gun with a more powerful weapon.


MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool was one of the all-around best guns for Scout Rifle players in Destiny over the course of three years.  Accurate, stable, and an incredibly fast rate of fire because of it’s hair trigger perk, enemy encounters with the Multi-Tool were much more survivable when equipped.  The MIDA Multi-Tool had three primary perks, including Kinectic damage, boosted movement speed and hair trigger firing, as well as Third Eye which allowed radar to stay active while aiming down sights.


Red Death

Red Death was most certainly a fan-favorite for Destiny players who like pulse rifles.  Alongside causing Kinectic damage, Red Death healed you on each kill.  This helped immensely in certain raids.  The unflinching perk also made it a lot easier to stand in and fight while under fire.  Like other exotics, a bevy of selectable perks allowed the gun to be customizable for any player.


Bad Juju

Another fan-favorite Pulse Rifle, Bad Juju was another powerful weapon with a bunch of helpful perks. Bad Juju would reload itself after each kill and increase your damage output in the process.  While the damage increase only lasted for a short time, each kill also helped charged your super.  This Pulse Rifle could be fired in full-auto mode and gave an accuracy bonus while firing from the hip.  It seemed like just about every situation you found yourself in in Destiny, Bad Juju was a good option to get you out of trouble.


Z Halo Supercell

One of the very best Arc Damage Auto Rifles in Destiny, Zhalo Supercell charged both super energy and returned ammunition to the magazine when performing a double kill due to the Bolts from the Blue perk.  To help you rack up those double kills, the persistence perk saw the weapon grow more accurate the longer it was fired.  With ammunition constantly flowing back into the magazine that could be quite a while.


The Last Word

My personal favorite of the bunch, The Last Word had some simplistic perks that made you feel like a gunslinger from the Old West.  With a flashy reload animation and improved stability and target acquisition when firing from the hip, you could seemingly take out full armies in stylish fashion.  The fan fire perk also allowed for the weapon to be fired continuously and quickly.



If you had to carry a machine gun into battle, Thunderlord was a great option in Destiny.  This arc-based weapon fired faster and more accurately the longer the trigger was held down, and with a beefy 49 round magazine, that could do a lot of damage.  The upshot from that is that kills from the weapon would allow you to reload the weapon quickly and do it all over again.  Thunderlord was great for mowing down hordes of enemies.



Before Bungie gave everyone a Gjallarhorn, it was by far the most popular and sought after Exotic Weapon in the game.  The Rocket Launcher allowed you to lock on to a target and shoot without really needing to aim after locking-in.  With multiple powerful projectiles, a player with a leveled up Gjallarhorn in Destiny’s early days was instrumental to any fireteam’s success no matter what the task at hand.  Taking it into battle in PvE seemed unfair at times.


Sleeper Stimulant

The Sleeper Stimulant didn’t arrive until The Taken King Expansion but it quickly became a fantastic option when solar damage was needed.  What made the weapon so devastating is that instead of just killing a single enemy, the laser from the gun would go through them and ricochet off of hard surfaces.  Upgrades would allow the gun to make multiple ricochets.  On top of that, you got an accuracy bonus for firing from the hip.


The Black Spindle

I had a real internal struggle for this final weapon, but Black Spindle barely eeked out the Queenbreaker’s Bow if just because it was purely a sniper rifle and not a dual purpose weapon.  Plus, it looks awesome and has great perks for the pure sniping player.  Black Spindle was one of the harder exotics to earn in Destiny as players could only obtain it on certain days when a specific mission was given, but those who did earn the weapon quickly learned why it was so ellusive.  There were a lot of good sniper rifles in Destiny, but Black Spindle’s perks almost gave good snipers the chance to play without ever having to reload.  The White Nail perk dictated that if three precision shots were landed the gun’s magazine would refill from your ammo reserves.  Furthermore, if you did miss a shot, the Mulligan perk would give you a chance to get your bullet back.


Given the fact that Bungie introduced us to so many new and interesting weapons over the course of the Destiny, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they did create a whole new selection of exotic weapons for Destiny 2.  The story is changing, and we already know that none of the weapons we earned previously will carry over, but if they do want to pick some of the old favorites and let us earn them all over again, we’re casting our vote for these classic to return as Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons.

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