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Destiny 2 Plays Best on PC – Hands-On Impressions

by Kyle Hanson


The very first time I played Destiny 2 was on PC. It was odd, as the series had been so entrenched in the console gaming space. I’d played the original on PS4, as most gamers did thanks to the Sony partnership that offered exclusive and early content. So jumping to what is usually my preferred platform for shooters was an exciting proposition. Now that I’ve gotten to try Destiny 2 on both PC and PS4 Pro I can easily say that the better experience is on PC.

Unfortunately there was no capture allowed on PC, so you can’t see what I saw. If you could the first thing that would hit you is the improved framerate. Without access to some tools I can’t say exactly what the fps was, but just based on my time with Destiny 2 on PC and then on PS4 Pro I’m assuming the former is 60fps or higher, and the latter is hitting 30fps. Again, I can’t say with 100% certainty, but it was clear that the framerate was significantly lower on the PS4 Pro, as compared to PC.

Also in the visual department, the game looked fantastic. It wasn’t the best looking game I’d ever seen, but it showed a big improvement over the original game in a bunch of ways, and then seeing it on PS4 showed differences there as well. I’m assuming it was running at 4K, again they were keeping some things hush-hush. The PS4 Pro was also hitting 4K, but almost certainly in an upscaled fashion. And the textures on PC looked far better with more and higher quality effects adding to the experience.

Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Strike Gameplay Hands-on Impressions

Whether it controls better or not really comes down to your preferences. Most shooter fans will argue that keyboard and mouse controls are superior, and that was true here in my opinion. Bungie has years of experience in making shooters that work well on controllers, and Destiny 2 does this once again. On PS4 Pro it was easy to control, and everything worked as expected. It’s just the extra level of precision offered by a mouse that lifts it to new heights.

So, not much that’s unexpected when comparing a console and PC shooter. Still, if you were wondering, all those usual benefits of PC gaming are there, and if you don’t dive into Crucible there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a controller on PC instead, if that’s what you prefer.

In the end, what platform you buy Destiny 2 on will likely come down to which you own, and which has more of your friends who are willing to play with you.But, if you have the choice, and the PS4 exclusive content doesn’t tempt you enough, so far I’d recommend grabbing Destiny 2 on PC over the consoles.

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