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Destiny: The Taken King May Change The Way You Play Your Favorite Class

by William Schwartz


Destiny players currently have their favorite class and their favorite subclass to supplement it. Now with the impending release of The Taken King later this year, fans have some interesting new subclasses that might change their loadouts.

The Titan, Hunter and Warlock each have their own special subclass and each tends to turn them into a specific role, be it aggressive or defensive. Subclasses also have unique grenades, special abilities as well as specific melee and ability enhancements. The Taken King adds a new subclass to each the Titan, Warlock and Hunter. Check them out below.


Titan – Sunbreaker

Super Ability- Hammer Of Sol
The ability to summon a flaming hammer and smash your enemies with it.

Grenade – Thermite
The grenade explodes in a straight line towards your enemy.

Melee – Sunstrike
Lights enemies you melee on fire.

Ability Enhancement – Fire Keeper
Hammer Of Sol lasts longer and Titan is granted an overshield when they are standing next to a Sunspot.


Hunter – Nightstalker

Super Ability – Shadowshot
Tether enemies with your bow to surpress them  allow Guardians to deal damage to slowed foes.

Grenade – Voidwall Grenade
Explodes in awall of void light, horizontally.

Melee – Smoke
Tosses a smoke to slow and disorient a crowd.

Ability Enhancement – Shadestep
Gains ability to utilize an evade to avoid damage.


Warlock – Stormcaller

Super Ability – Stormtrance 
Chains arc lightning from the Warlock’s hands.

Grenade – Storm Grenade
Explodes to call in a localized lightning storm.

Melee Ability – Thunderstrike
Electric punch that effects extended range.

Ability Enhancement – Perpetual Change
Grenade kills recharge your melee while melee kills recharge your grenade.

During my time with the Warlock, I felt that he was my favorite one. I was able to take down a boss by justing using the Stormtrance which was quite a feat given that he had a fair bit of health. It seems that they were all created with a mindset to deliver a cool experience to fans The Warlock kind of reminds me of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars with his Force Lightning ability. The Hunter has a bow that reminds me personally of Hawkeye from Avengers and the new Titan subclass reminds me of Thor with his hammer.

There is definitely something for every fan with the new subclasses, but it might change the way you play, be it more offensive or defensive. In the case of the new Hunter subclass, a bit more supportive. Destiny: The Taken King is set to release on September 15th, 2015.

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