Dragon Ball Super Episode 16 Review: How Vegeta Becomes Whis’ Pupil

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 16 was an interesting because it explained how Vegeta became a pupil of Whis.

There will be spoilers in this so be warned if you have not seen the episode already. This episode did not advance the plot too much, but it does bridge a gap that was not seen in the animated movies.

Anyway, after Battle of Gods and Resurrection F there was a gap that was never shown. In Resurrection F, Goku and Vegeta were already training with Whis. They did not tell us how or why Whis accepted them as pupils.

Well, this episode explains things. Bulma has been feeding Whis with lots of yummy food. She does this as a bribe so that Whis will protect her and Trunks if Beerus or anybody else decides to destroy the Earth.

Vegeta wants to get strong and he then finds out that Whis is Beerus’ trainer. The one thing he has to do to let Whis train him is impress him with food.

Vegeta first goes to many restaurants in Japan, but Whis isn’t all that convinced. Vegeta then starts to cook himself, but he’s useless at cracking eggs. It’s quite funny seeing this comedic side of Vegeta.

However, the one thing that impresses Whis is a normal dish of instant ramen noodles. Vegeta just had to cook this with boiling water. Whis loves this and let’s Vegeta train with him.


This part of the episode actually occurs in the second hour. The first part of Dragon Ball Super episode 16 may have had the funniest scene I have seen all season long.

The first part of this episode shows Goku on his tractor. Goku is sleeping on the job abd only wakes up when his good friend Krillin shows up. Krillin wants to talk to Goku about his power.

Krillin feels a little deflated because back in the Dragon Ball days, their power levels used to be more even. Sure, Goku was always a little stronger than Krillin, but the gap wasn’t so large back then.

Krillin wants to test himself against Goku, so he dares Goku to punch his hard in the face. As you can see from the screenshot above, Goku agrees to Krillin’s request and punches him in the face hard.

I don’t think I have laughed so much in Dragon Ball Super so much until today. That one scene made me want to watch the punch again and again. Krillin was launched several meters until a rock stopped him.

Android 18 then had to take care of Krillin as he suffered a black eye. That would be the last time Krillin agrees to fight Goku…

Next week in Dragon Ball Super wil be interesting because we see the return of the Great Saiyaman plus the birth of Pan. We will also see what Goku does to convince Whis to train with him.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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