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Dragon Ball Super Episode 17 Review: Pan Is Born Plus Goku Goes To Train With Whis

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 17 has passed and this time, we see the birth of Pan. This episode also shows us how Goku goes off to train with Whis.

Bear in mind, spoilers will follow so read at your own discretion. We will also give some details on what happened in episode 16 where Vegeta convinced to train with Whis as well.

It’s worth mentioning, this episode takes a 6 month time jump from the last episode. Vegeta has had a 6 month head start as he has trained with Whis ever since and never came back home to Earth. Goku is of course a bit jealous of this and wants to train with Whis and Vegeta too.

Unlike Vegeta though, Goku has a big obstacle stopping him from going and that’s Chi Chi. Chi Chi always prevents Goku from training. This is unlike Bulma who doesn’t really seem to mind whatever Vegeta does in his spare time.

Before we get to that part, this episode actually starts off in Gohan and Videl’s house with Hercule Satan entertaining Pan. When Gohan comes back from work, he decides to turn into The Great Saiyaman and spars with Hercule for a little bit.

While they are sparring, they are actually juggling Pan in the air. Pan is enjoying herself too, although everything comes to a halt once Chi Chi visits. She cannot believe her granddaughter is being chucked up in the air and gets very angry.

Not to mention both Gohan and Hercule want Pan to grow up strong like a martial artist. After all, her grandfathers are both Goku and Hercule. However, Chi Chi does not want another dumb fighter in the family and wants Pan to be a scholar much like Gohan is now.


While that is happening, we see Bulma driving in her car and some robbers crash into her. This scene is a recreation of Resurrection F, because this is where Krillin is a cop chasing them down. It’s changed in Dragon Ball Super because Bulma is the one that crashes the robber’s car as she gets her revenge. There is a really funny scene where Krillin gives Bulma a speeding ticket for her reckless driving…

As for Goku, he’s been working as a farmer for the past six months. He hasn’t been training like Vegeta has. Krillin, Bulma and Goku all go to Gohan and Videl’s place. They want help as Chi Chi has locked herself in a room with Pan and Videl. She really does not want Pan to be a fighter.

Bulma is the only character that Chi Chi invites in the room and Bulma blurts out that Vegeta has been training with Whis. Goku bursts into the room being a bit jealous that Vegeta has been training this whole time with Whis without him. We also know that Goku cannot find Beerus’ planet via Instant Transmission. He could not find it. Whis is the only way he can get there.

This leads to a series of funny scenes with Goku bugging Bulma all the time to see if Whis has visited Earth. Bulma is annoyed that Goku keeps visiting her, so she sends him a smart phone so she can ring him when Whis comes by. It’s very humorous to see Goku trying to use a smart phone.

Once Whis lands on Earth, Bulma calls Goku. Goku literally is begging for Whis to train him. However, Gohan sees this and flies Chi Chi over. She is mad and doesn’t want Goku running off again like he always does. However, her efforts fail as we see Goku clutching onto Whis and they fly off. Goku can finally train with Vegeta now.

Overall, this was another highly enjoyable and humorous episode of Dragon Ball Super. It’s also great they filled some of the gaps that were not explained in the recent animated movies. Next week’s episode 18 will finally officially kick start the Resurrection F saga. It will also show us the first appearance of Champa and Vados!

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