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This ‘Persona 5’ Cosplay Brings One Of the Game’s Best Girls To Life

One of the most iconic Phantom Thieves, brought to life.

Atlus’ Persona 5 is a stunning JRPG that shifted the landscape of what the genre could be back when it dropped in 2016. Since then, the many characters that players encounter along their journey to change the hearts of some of society’s worst adults have become pop-culture icons that are easily recognized even by those that haven’t played the game.

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A recent cosplay by alice_kelstkaya on Reddit’s r/cosplay board proves this, bringing one of the game’s most popular characters to life in a stunning photoshoot.

Alice_Kelstkaya’s Futaba Sakura Cosplay Perfectly Captures Everyone’s Favorite Shut-In

alice_kelstkaya on Reddit

Not only is the cosplayer’s costume on-point, wearing an outfit that is 1:1 with Futaba’s overworld appearance for a majority of the game, the cosplayer is posed perfectly in front of a slick gaming setup, reminiscent of when Joker and the rest of the party first encounter Futaba in-game.

Despite Persona 5 rapidly approaching its 10-year anniversary, the title still has a devoted fanbase that celebrate everything from the characters, world-building, and combat system. Cosplayers like this, that hold so much love for the cast after all this time, exemplify Persona 5‘s staying power in the modern gaming landscape.

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