Dragon Ball Super Episode 4 Review/Opinions: Pilaf Gang’s Big Plan

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super took a break last week making way for a marathon that took place on Fuji TV. This week however, we get to see episode 4 of the new series which is called “Mission Dragonballs: Pilaf Gang’s Big Plan”.

Again, this will be a recap of what happens in episode 4. If you want to avoid spoilers, don’t read on. I usually give an episode summary each week plus give my own impressions and opinions too.

To recap episode 3, Beerus and Whis are on their way to King Kai’s planet in search of Goku. Beerus had a vision of a “Super Saiyan God” so wants to see if Goku is the one he’s been seeing in his dreams.

In episode 4 of Dragon Ball Super, we see King Kai still paranoid about Beerus and Whis heading to his planet. He’s so scared of Goku meeting the pair. He tries to distract Goku as much as he can, but there’s not much else he can do about it.

The next scene we see Bulma and the rest of the gang celebrating her birthday. We also get confirmation that Bulma is holding a bingo tournament. Much like in the Battle of Gods movie, first prize in the tournament are all seven Dragon Balls. They are hidden underneath the cruise ship. Trunks and Goten manage to know where they are.

After that, we get to see Emperor Pilaf, Mai and Shu for the first time in Dragon Ball Super. They are stuck on a little island as Pilaf is hunting for some fish while the other two are digging up for some treasure. Their luck seems hopeless until Pilaf discovers the Dragon Balls are nearby as he has the Dragon Radar with him.


The trio decide to leave the island in hopes of finding the Dragon Balls and to also get some more food. Their journey starts off dangerously because a shark starts attacking them. However, they manage to be close to the cruise ship and Trunks and Goten kindly help them up on board.

Pilaf’s gang introduces themselves to Goten and Trunks and they say they are hungry. Luckily for them, it’s Bulma’s birthday party and catering is making lots of yummy food. Goten and Trunks go off and get some delicious food (pictured above) for them to try out. Surprisingly, Pilaf does not find the Dragon Balls yet in this episode even though the title suggests that he does. It’s most likely he’ll find it in the episodes to come.

That’s the end of Pilaf and his cronies for this Dragon Ball Super episode. Next up, we get a brief moment of seeing Vegeta training once again at home. An angry Bulma is on the phone yelling at him on why he isn’t attending her birthday. This episode assumes Vegeta isn’t going to the party, but if you’ve seen Battle of Gods, you’ll know he’ll eventually appear.

The last part of the episode sees King Kai getting Goku inside his broken house. Beerus and Whis are set to arrive and he doesn’t want the pair to know Goku exists. The episode ends with Beerus and Whis standing in front of King Kai. They have finally arrived.

We also get to see what happens next week in episode 5. The episode is called “Goku vs God of Destruction Beerus”. It’s an action packed episode next week as Beerus fights against Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Overall, episode 4 didn’t advance the plot that much and it’s still just retelling all of the events from the Battle of Gods animated movie. It’s nice though that that the show does focus more on the side characters. It’s still fun to watch since it’s been many years since a new Dragon Ball TV show aired.

Stay tuned to AttackoftheFanboy next week for another Dragon Ball Super episode review/plot summary. Also, the English dub version of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F will be out next weekend too. We might have coverage for that film too.

Dragon Ball Super episode 5 preview:

- This article was updated on:February 22nd, 2018

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