Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 Review: Goku vs Monaka?

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 42 has finished and it’s a nice filler until we get to a proper saga that is expected to start in the next couple of weeks. The multi-verse tournament has ended and Bulma wants to hold a celebration party at Capsule Corp.

The party invitation is for pretty much everyone from Universe 7 and this includes both Beerus and Whis. Bulma also wants them to bring in Monaka who was the overall winner of the tournament. However, the two are a little worried about bringing Monaka over as they know Goku wants to fight him.

The only reason they are worried is because Monaka is a fraud and not as strong as everyone thinks he is. Secondly, Beerus is also worried that the Omni King Zeno would find out that he had been lying about this most powerful fighter.

Despite the worries, everyone goes to the party anyway. Bulma has made sure to make more food than ever before to avoid anyone from missing out. After all, last time Buu was hogging all of the desserts to himself and Beerus got mad because of it.

Monaka actually has a job and he’s just a delivery boy. Chi Chi is impressed by this since she has always wanted Goku to have a proper job. This is why we have seen him become a farmer in Dragon Ball Super as most of the money they made previously was from Goku winning tournaments or via they would hunt for their own food.

Hercule warms up to Monaka pretty quickly. After all, Hercule was there to see Monaka fight and he wants him to be the new mascot for the gym that he’s opening. The two will get along as both have won tournaments even though they are weaklings…


The lady named Pizza (as you may remember from the Cell saga) is shown wearing a Monaka costume. She’s playing the role of the mascot for Hercule gym’s in the meantime. Goten and Trunks play around with the boxes that Monaka delivered and accidentally knocks him down. It’s quite funny as everyone looks at him seeing him crying at a simple knock down…

Krillin is unsure if Monaka truly is as powerful as Beerus says, but Piccolo ignores his question. As you remember from a few episodes ago, Piccolo and Vegeta didn’t look very impressed when they saw Monaka…

Little does Beerus and Whis know, Monaka is already at the party. Bulma knows Monaka is weak too so at this point only Goku is pretty much oblivious about his strength. Monaka came early to the party mainly because Hercule wanted stuff delivered.

Beerus tells everyone that Monaka is weak, but to not tell Goku about it. They still want Goku to feel that there is someone stronger than him (other than a God) so that he can stay motivated. Goku does teleport in, but he has go away as Chi Chi moans at his dirty clothes.

With Goku gone again, Whis tells the others that Goku needs to stay motivated in order to get stronger for the tournament that the Omni King Zemo proposed in Dragon Ball Super episode 41. It’s said that every God of Destruction will be in this tournament. Beerus wants Goku to win as they’re not sure what will happen to Earth if Universe 7 loses.

Goten and Trunks have a brilliant idea that Beerus should disguise himself as Monaka since they have a costume of him anyway. Goku comes back and talks to the real Monaka to fight in a different area away from the party. Beerus tells the others to distract Goku so that he can get Monaka away from Goku and take his place in his costume.


There’s a really funny moment where Chiaotzu uses his force field to stop Goku and Monaka. After that, Krillin uses Solar Flare to blind Goku while they make the switch. The real Monaka is now hiding behind the Ox King while Beerus is now in costume ready to fight Goku away from the party.

The cool thing about this episode is that the Monaka costume that Beerus is using is not very sturdy. One of the hands break and we see Beerus’ actual purple fist. After that, we see the head spinning around and around. Vegeta and Piccolo help out Beerus to hide the fact that this costume is falling apart.

It’s worth mentioning Goku is still fighting in his base form, so he’s not going all-out. Beerus is strong anyway, but the only problem he faces is the stupid costume. Goku manages to get some good blows that the ear of the costume comes off! Beerus is angry after that and starts attacking Goku.

The two trade blows a little bit more but Whis steps in and tells them to stop. Whis tells them that Beerus wants them to stop. At this point, Puar has shape-shifted into Beerus. This is so hilarious that everyone played their part to hide the charade to Goku. It’s great to see how friendly Beerus and Whis have become with the Z fighter gang.

Yamcha nearly ruins the charade to everyone by showing Goku the real Monaka. Everyone is scared as Beerus has powered up and it looks like he’s about to kill everyone. Thankfully, Goku is naive and thinks Monaka has split himself into two beings like Buu did.

Even though Dragon Ball Super episode 42 was clearly filler, it was a funny episode that reminds me of the old Dragon Ball series before DBZ. It’s worth watching if you want to have a laugh this week. Episode 43 will also be filler as the Pilaf gang meets Pan.

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