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Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Review: Goku/Trunks vs Black/Zamasu

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 57 starts off in a major way with Zamasu entering the battlefield for the very first time. Can Goku survive the onslaught?

Goku was already having trouble fighting off Black Goku in Dragon Ball Super episode 56. The new Super Saiyan Rose form is too powerful even though Goku is Super Saiyan Blue.

Episode 57 doesn’t start off well for our heroes because Zamasu has now entered the picture. Are Black Goku and Zamasu working together? Zamasu just explains to Goku that they are just individuals who think alike and that’s all.

Vegeta is out of it, but he’s not dead. It doesn’t appear as if the heroes brought Senzu beans with them. It looks like Goku will have to fight them on his own, although Future Trunks is still around.

Zamasu still has the mindset that mortals should not exist and that’s why he wants to kill humans and other non-god beings. Black Goku also wants to fight Goku so it will now become a handicap match.

However, Trunks finds the courage to step up and fight with Goku. The handicap match is now a tag-team fight. Future Trunks goes after Zamasu while Goku fights Black Goku. Can the heroes survive?

Zamasu appears to be too powerful and wise compared to the inexperienced Future Trunks. Future Trunks manages to stab Zamasu with his sword and even uses Final Flash on him. On both occasions, Zamasu heals quickly… It’s worth mentioning the fight scenes here are quick and fun to watch. The soundtrack is also great to listen to when the teams are fighting one another.


Goku is not having a good time either and both he and Future Trunks have tried their best. The two of them are helpless as Black Goku prepares to fire off a Kamehameha. The blasts hits them, although they’re not dead yet. The two of them are weakened and it looks like the fight will be over soon.

Vegeta miraculously regains consciousness and prevents Goku and Future Trunks from getting killed by firing off a blast. Yabirobe comes to the aid of Goku and Future Trunks as he carries their bodies to safety. Mai and the resistance fighters take Vegeta to safety.

Mai sends Future Trunks, Goku and Vegeta in the Time Machine back to the past. They need to rethink their strategy as Zamasu and Black Goku are too tough. Zamasu isn’t worried about them running away as he knows they’ll be back.

The episode ends by taking a look at the present day versions of Zamasu and Gowasu. They are watching Goku fight in the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament. Zamasu is bewildered that a mortal like Goku can channel God-Ki. Zamasu then goes smashing at the door of Zuno’s place to ask more about the Super Dragon Balls.

That’s how episode 57 of Dragon Ball Super ends. It’s another strong episode with action and suspense. It’s also great to see that this story arc is getting dragged out and isn’t rushed like the previous sagas.

Hopefully we will finally know the identity of Black Goku very soon. Episode 58 might give us more clues, although we just have to wait and see.

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