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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Plot Summary Revealed

by Damian Seeto


The plot summary for Dragon Ball Super episode 58 has now been revealed in full and we are getting closer and closer to knowing Zamasu’s plan.

The title and plot summary for Dragon Ball Super episode 58 have been revealed. Episode 57 was on earlier and you can look at our full review for that now by clicking here.

Anyway, episode 58 is called “Zamasu and Black. The deep mystery of the two”. Gojiitaaf on Facebook provided the plot summary: “Goku & co. were cornered by Zamasu and Goku Black but they succeed in returning to the past in the nick of time. Beers, Whis and even Supreme Kai appear before them when they are curing their injuries with Senzu beans. What is the real identity of Goku Black, which they have been thinking about?

Getting his hands on Senzu, Goku wants to return to the future at once. His fighting spirit has still not disappeared. Future Mai doesn’t give up on resisting! Beerus and Whis also appear! What is the surprising answer they come up with by investigating and the hints from the future they got from Goku & co?

This week,  Zamasu is searching for the secret of the Dragon Balls! 
Present Zamasu heads to Zuno’s to ask about the Super Dragon Balls. While threatening Zuno and waiting for the answer, he also asks about Goku?

There you have it folks. Dragon Ball Super is still ongoing and we still don’t know everything about Zamasu or Black Goku. Episode 58 might finally give us some answers to their history.

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