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Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 Review: Future Trunks’ New Super Saiyan Form

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 62 kicked off this week and continues where episode 61 left off. Future Trunks has transformed into a new type of Super Saiyan.

There’s no new name for this Super Saiyan form yet, but he has both gold and blue aura around him. Some people say he looks similar to Broly thanks to the white pupils and his hair looks more spikier too. Future Trunks says he will finally kill Black Goku once and for all.

Future Trunks is stronger than before and is giving Black Goku a run for his money. Sadly, it feels the new form is not as powerful as we initially thought. Black Goku and Zamasu get the upper hand and it looks as if Future Trunks cannot win.

As the fight goes on, Future Trunks urges both Goku and Vegeta to go back to the past in order to find out a method to beat the tag team of Black Goku and Zamasu. Bulma arrives with the Time Machine and the group escape. Black Goku isn’t worried as he knows they”ll eventually come back. Future Trunks is still in the middle of fighting both of them while Mai has the Senzu beans.

Back at the present, everyone thinks the future is at peace as Future Trunks is nowhere to be seen. Beerus acts a bit dumb here bragging to them that he was right all along. Bulma shouts at him and says that the future is still bleak and his intervention did nothing at all. Future Trunks is still out there fighting Black Goku and Zamasu.


Vegeta then explains to the group that things are really bad. Black Goku is Zamasu in Goku’s body and the other Zamasu is immortal. There doesn’t seem to be a way to defeat them.  Beerus backs off a bit, and realizes that there are multiple timelines. He does mention in passing that the present timeline should be safe since that version’s Zamasu is dead.

Beerus feels the other timelines are not his responsibility and he and Whis leave. Sure the other gods are dead in the other timeline, but to him the present is safe and he’s no longer needed. This is one part I actually like. Beerus is too powerful in order to fight the battles for the heroes all of the time. It’s too easy if the writers use him as a savior too many times…

Surprisingly, Chi Chi and Gohan are shown with Krillin at the police station and none of them know what’s happening. The latter two are worried because Goku hasn’t been seen in ages. They don’t know he’s been busy fighting in the future all of this time. Everyone doesn’t want to tell Chi Chi the truth until Goku himself appears.

Everyone gets filled in on what is happening. Thankfully Piccolo comes with a great idea to beat Black Goku and Zamasu. He says they need to learn the Mafuba. The Mafuba is also known as the “Demon Containment Wave“. It’s basically a technique that will imprison people forever. Since Zamasu is immortal and Black Goku is too powerful, imprisoning them forever is the best alternative.


Krillin tells Goku that Master Roshi should know about the technique. Using Instant Transmission,  Goku immediately visits Master Roshi. Roshi agrees to teach him the technique, but it is dangerous. Goku spends the better part of the night in order to hone his skills. He practices on the Sea Turtle trying to put him in a jar.

After containing something, the jar needs to be sealed with a lid as well as a special talisman. Roshi will make the talisman for Goku and hopes that as a reward, Goku will bring him attractive women.

Meanwhile, Beerus and Whis are at Universe 10 explaining what is happening to Gowasu. They inform him that the future has not been changed. Beerus says he could easily go and kill Future Zamasu, but he cannot travel through time as he’s a God of Destruction. Gods aren’t supposed to travel through time as it’s considered to be “taboo”.

Episode 62 is another strong episode, although it would have been nice to have seen more action from Future Trunks. It’s also great to see that they are bringing back an old technique to defeat Future Zamasu and Black Goku. Episode 63 is on next week and it sounds like Future Trunks is in trouble. Can Goku and Vegeta come back to save him?

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