Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Review: Fused Zamasu vs Goku/Vegeta/Trunks

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 65 sees the emergence of the new and improved version of Zamasu. The Future Zamasu and Goku Black have fused to be one being.

The start of the episode features the other characters fearing about what is to come. This fused Zamasu has a lot more energy than before. This version of Zamasu now has the power to go stronger after each fight and is also immortal.

Fused/merged Zamasu shows off his power and starts attacking Goku and Vegeta. Future Trunks has the responsibility to take care of Bulma and Mai to get out of danger. They probably need to get the time machine ready.

This episode felt more suspenseful than other Dragon Ball Super episodes in the past. This Zamasu is so strong and Goku and Vegeta don’t have any plan to fight back yet. The Time Machine is not ready yet and the Mafuba failed. The stakes are really high which made this episode quite exciting to watch.

Anyway, Zamasu has a new deadly attack that is a purple light that incinerates anyone that touches it. The poor survivors have to evacuate, but they cannot go outside. One poor man died in an instant when he unknowingly stood outside. Yabirobe tries to be the hero to draw out Zamasu’s attention. The coast is clear, but the others fear for their lives seeing the new Zamasu.


The fight doesn’t really get started as Zamasu is acting a little cocky over his new form. Even Gowasu and the Supreme Kai are in awe of how much more powerful he has become. Vegeta even mentions in passing that this is the most powerful energy he has ever felt…

Goku says that they have to find a way to become stronger than the fused Zamasu, then they can save this world. The Supreme Kai acts like the audience here and tells Goku that it might be impossible. This Zamasu is both strong and immortal. He has achieved something that no other Dragon Ball villain has done before. Even Frieza never got his wish for immortality.

On the other side, Mai and Bulma get ready to fix the time machine. Future Trunks decides to join the fight. They only have two senzu beans left so they cannot afford to get hurt. Again, this is adding to the suspense and danger that this episode has. The good guys don’t have many trumps cards left.

The merged Zamasu talks trash again by arrogantly predicting that his plan is coming to fruition. He will eradicate all living life forms. Zamasu wants to rebuild his own world in his own vision. There’s nothing that can really stop him now since the heroes have not come up with a proper plan as of yet.

Vegeta is sick of all the talking and starts blasting Zamasu. This does nothing to him and he unleashes his new purple lightning attack. The light strikes Vegeta and he goes down. Unlike the poor man, it doesn’t kill him immediately though. The light strikes Goku too and the Saiyans are down for the count…


Goku and Vegeta are defiant as always and go back to Super Saiyan Blue. They manage to overcome his attack, but then they get knocked down again. Zamasu doesn’t want anybody to stop him from creating his own Utopia created by Gods. His world won’t have mortals of any kind.

Future Trunks now joins the fight and tries to strike Zamasu down with his sword. Zamasu fends him off and has had enough of the Saiyans. He goes for one final attack called “Holy Wraith” to destroy the world, but Future Trunks uses the Galick Gun to hold him off. Vegeta gets up and joins in with his own Galick Gun. A power struggle ensues much like the light shows we have seen in other episodes.

Surprisingly, Vegeta and Future Trunks’ effort overpowers Zamasu’s attack. Did they finally beat Zamasu once and for all? No, because he is immortal. Not to mention at this point, the Saiyans have made Zamasu very angry. Vegeta saves Future Trunks from a deadly blow but he’s still alive. Goku finally wakes up and does a Kamehameha wave and then Dragon Ball Super episode 65 ends!

Wow, episode 65 was very exciting. It was metaphoric too because Zamasu was always up high gazing down om the mortals below him. This shows us his superiority over the heroes. As good as episode 65 was, you don’t want to miss episode 66. Click here to know what episode 66 is about.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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