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Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Review: Shenron To Grant A Wish

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 68 kicks off in different fashion since it’s not the start of a new saga. It’s an episode that some might call a “filler”.

This Dragon Ball Super episode starts off by looking at Bulma. She’s struggling to find a way to power up the Time Machine. She wants to power it up for her won curiosity since the Future Bulma was able to use the Time Machine with a special material. She needs to find an alternative material to power it up.

Goku is eating at King Kai’s planet and he proposes to revive him after so many years of putting it off. He felt guilty the last time they gathered the Dragon Balls as it was only used to know the locations of the Super Dragon Balls. Now he wants to use a wish for something more noble.

Bulma finds out where the new material is and it’s inside the Earth’s core. Before she can find out what to do, Goku suddenly appears. He just wants to ask for the Dragon Ball radar so he can use it to revive King Kai, Gregory and Bubbles. However, Bulma has other plans and wants the material for the Time Machine.

It seems as if Number 18 has other plans for herself. She doesn’t know that Goku wants to summon Shenron yet, but she wants to impress Krillin. She admires that Krillin buys her and Marron a lot of gifts. Number 18 now wants to give something to Krillin.


I do it funny how Bulma intends to use the Time Machine, but she has to keep it a secret. She is scared that Goku will tell Beerus about it. After all, time travel is seen as a sin to the Gods. Speaking of Gods, Beerus and Whis appear out of nowhere to see Bulma. They’re just there to eat more food. She takes him to a restaurant to eat crab.

It doesn’t take long for Goku to find all of the seven Dragon Balls. Bulma is not home so he decides to summon Shenron while nobody is around. Little does Goku know that many others have additional wishes in mind. They have two more wishes that they can grant. This leaves room for multiple wishes to be done.

The unfortunate part about summoning Shenron is that the whole world knows about it. This prompts Number 18, Oolong and even Master Roshi to appear. This starts an argument since they all want their own wishes to be granted. This doesn’t even include Bulma who is still trying to get there. Not to mention Pilaf and his gang are watching too.

Goten and Trunks then appear and they want wishes granted. Shenron is getting impatient yet a lot of people are appearing and no wish has been granted yet. Both Number 18 and Master Roshi agree that kids shouldn’t be allowed to get wishes. It’s not good for their education.

Gohan then appears out of nowhere and it seems he has a more noble wish. Pan is having a bad fever and no human medicine can cure her. Gohan feels that the Saiyan blood is making her sick. Everyone agrees that Pan’s health is more important than their superficial wishes. Gohan gets the first wish to cure Pan.


The last wish is put on hold because everyone gets impatient. They feel King Kai is not important since in the Dragon Ball world, he’s not really dead. Even if he’s alive, he still lives on the same planet. Bulma then appears at the last second and feels she should get the wish. After all, without the Dragon Ball radar this wouldn’t have been possible.

Bulma consoles Number 18 and says Krillin doesn’t need any material goods. His life is great as all he needs is his wife and daughter. Bulma then grants Master Roshi’s wish by calling in a car with lots of girls inside. Let’s say she must have been in contact with a pimp. Bulma then asks 18 to toss Oolong away as all he wants is panties. The kids are dumb as they don’t even know what wish they wanted.

Bulma tries to bargain with Goku. If he can get the material she wants from the Earth’s core, then he can revive King Kai back. Shenron says his time is up, but Bulma says she will tell Beerus. Shenron is scared of Beerus so he decides to stay a little longer.

Goku is at the Earth’s core, but Whis and Beerus appear. They are wondering why he’s there. This could be bad news for Bulma! Beerus has the material in his hand and is agitated. Even Whis says that time travelling is dangerous. Beerus then destroys the Time Machine. Well it looks like we won’t see anymore time travelling stories in Dragon Ball Super anytime soon.

The episode ends in a funny way because Shenron’s power can no longer hold on. Shenron disappears so King Kai has to be revived another time. Overall, this episode was very entertaining and it was cool to see how Bulma granted the wishes of the others. It was kind of sad to see the Time Machine get ruined by Beerus though. Anyway, my favorite part was Number 18 saying that King Kai is not important. I agree with her that him being alive or dead makes no difference!

Next week is another filler episode. It has a special appearance of Arale from Dr. Slump. You can read more about episode 69 by clicking here. The next proper arc isn’t expected to start until episode 71.

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