Dragon Ball Super First Impressions On Debut Episode

by Damian Seeto


The first episode for Dragon Ball Super has just concluded, and many fans are loving what it offers so far. Although it was more of an introductory episode more than anything.

I’ll be discussing briefly about what happens in Episode 1. If you don’t want to see what happens, you better leave now. This is also from the Japanese episode that just aired. An English dub for the series won’t happen until next year probably.

First of all, the debut episode for Dragon Ball Super looks stunning. The animation quality is in HD and much better than Dragon Ball Z Kai. Everything looks bright and crisp like any cartoon should look like.

As for the actual episode itself, it was great seeing the characters living life like normal. It was quite funny seeing Goku doing some actual work for once. He’s usually training or fighting a bad guy.

If you were wanting any action, you will have to wait because there wasn’t really anything here. The only type of action in the first Dragon Ball Super episode was when Trunks and Goten fought off a giant snake.

They didn’t go Super Saiyan and nor did they turn into Gotenks either. Trunks was able to punch the snake pretty easily. Apart from that, there wasn’t any actual fighting in the first episode of the series.

We also got to see a bit of Beerus. Some random aliens tried to kill him by poisoning him. Beerus got rid of them pretty easily. Forum users from Kanzenshuu noticed the manga depicted this scene more violently. In the manga, Beerus blew up half their planet.

The ending of the episode featured Kibito Kai and Elder Kai. They were possibly talking about a new threat that might be coming down to Earth soon.

Anyway, that was all of the things that were really featured in this episode. It was just a nice episode, but nothing that really sets the actual story in motion. Next week’s episode focuses on Vegeta talking Bulma and Trunks on a holiday.

I do like the fact that the first episode of Dragon Ball Super dedicated more time on the side characters. It wasn’t just about Goku all of the time. Hopefully the other characters do get a little more screen time in subsequent episodes too.

You can check the full opening credits below:

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2018

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